(HBO) - On March 13, in Hoa Binh province, the emulation cluster of 7 provinces in the Northern Midlands and Mountains held a conference to deploy the movement of patriotic emulation and signed an emulation contract in 2023. There was the attendance of the leaders from the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the provinces in the emulation cluster, including Thai Nguyen, Hoa Binh, Bac Giang, Yen Bai, Tuyen Quang, Phu Tho and Bac Kan.

The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism form 7 Northern Midland and Mountain provinces: Launching the movement of patriotic emulation and signing the emulation contract in 2023.

The conference has approved the Decision of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism recognizing the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Thai Nguyen province as the head unit, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Hoa Binh province as the unit of the Vice-Cluster of Emulation Cluster of 7 Midlands and Mountainous provinces in the North. The plan to organize the emulation movement in 2023; The Operational Regulations of the Emulation Cluster.

The movement of patriotic emulation in 2023 has been launched with the theme "Active, creative, flexible, drastic and effective”, including 5 contents and 5 specific emulation targets. In which, 100% of the Departments of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the provinces in the Emulation Cluster will successfully implement the targets, tasks, programs and plans for the year; 100% of the Departments of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the provinces has developed a plan to launch the emulation movement and signed the emulation agreements to the agencies and units in the whole sector and each civil servant, public employee, and labourer... Based on the specific situation of each locality, it is suggested organizing and launching the emulation sessions with the specific and practical objectives, which is relevant to the content of the emulation movement. The head and deputy head of the emulation cluster are responsible for monitoring, examining, summarizing and reporting the results to the Personal Department,  the Ministry of Culture- Sports- Tourism.

At the conference, the delegates have focused on discussing the contents and targets for the development of the cause of culture, sports, tourism and family in 2023. Based on the discussions, the units in the competition cluster  have agreed to sign an emulation contract in 2023.

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