(HBO) - In 2022, Hoa Binh tourism has been impressively recovered. The message "Hoa Binh, the safe touristm destination – the complete experience” has strongly spread not only to domestic tourists but also to international ones. The mạestic natural landscape, the rich and diverse cultural identity bearing with the imprints of Hoa Binh Culture, together with the activities of the new tourism sites and attractions of high quality have attracted a large number of tourists.

 The visitors are experiencing paragliding from the top of Vien Nam mountain in Quang Tien commune (Hoa Binh city) to explore the cloudy sky of Muong area. 

With the advantage of the "golden cup” land, there is a large concentration of resorts and the tránportatiobn is convenient, Kim Boi district is promoting its role as one of the key tourism markets of the province. Dinh Thanh Tung, the Vice Chairman of the District’s People's Committee says: The resorts, such as Serena Resort in Kim Boi, An Lac Ecofarm Hot and Spring, V'Resort in Vinh Tien, Kim Boi mineral spring resort ... attract visitors all year round, especially since the Covid-19 epidemic is under control. It is not only an eco-resort tourism destination of high quality, but it also attracts tourists thanks to its natural landscape, rural experiences of folklore and culture, and the traditional festival of Muong Dong people. In 2022, the district welcomed 195,000 turns of visitors and the revenue from tourism was estimated at over 200 billion VND. 

At other famous destinations such as the tourism area within Hoa Binh lake, Mai Chau, Luong Son and Cao Phong districts and Hoa Binh city... the tourism activities are increasingly exciting. With the introduction of new tourism products such as paragliding experience in Quang Tien commune, camping in Yen Mong commune, Hoa Binh city has attracted more and more visitors. In the area, sports tourism is also developed (Hilltop Valey in Ky Son golf course). In 2022, the city welcomed 600,000 turns of visitors and tourists, mainly the guests to the golf course and to the destinations in the tourism area within Hoa Binh Lake, the hotel and accommodation system. The total revenue from tourism was estimated at 820 billion VND, increasing by 70.2% in total visitors and 56.5% in total revenue compared to those in 2021. 

At Mai Chau district, one of the attractive tourism destinations of the Northwest region, the community tourism, the eco-tourism and resort activities have strongly been growing, leading the districts and cities in the province in terms of the total number of tourists and revenue. The luxury resorts such as Avana Retreat, Mai Chau Lodge, Ba Khan Village Resort, Mai Chau Hideaway... have created attraction for tourists with high paying levels thanks to the tourism products of high quality. The famous community tourism attractions including Lac village in Chieng Chau commune; Pom Coong village, Van village in Mai Chau town, Hich village in Mai Hich commune, Buoc village in Xam Khoe commune, Hang Kia village in Hang Kia commune, Pa Co village in Pa Co commune are loved and chosen by many domestic and international tourists. 

According to Mr. Bui Xuan Truong, the Deputy Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Hoa Binh tourism has prospered, especially after Covid-19 epidemic is controlled. The tourism business units have focused on investing, embellishing and upgrading the facilities to receive and serve visitors thoughtfully. According to the statistics, the market of international visitors to Hoa Binh from Korea accounts for 73%, mainly the visitors to the golf courses of Luong Son district and Hoa Binh city; the rest are the traditional international tourists from France, Australia, the UK and potential markets such as China, Taiwan, USA, Germany, Western Europe, Russia. The domestic tourists are still the main source of tourism exploitation of the province, coming from Hanoi, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh and the northern provinces; a small number of visitors come from the southern and central provinces. The peak time for tourists to Hoa Binh is the beginning of the year (the festival tourism, the spiritual tourism) and summer (ecotourism, convalescence). 

Up to now, the province has 462 accommodation establishments including 41 hotels, 251 motels, and 170 homestays meeting the standards to serve tourists. There are 8 community tourism sites in Mai Chau, Cao Phong, Tan Lac and Da Bac districts, which have deployed digitization on the provincial tourism portal. The tourism association and cooperation activities, the image promotion, the tourism information promotion have been enhanced, contributing to tourism stimulus. The tourism sites have paid attention to improving the service quality, building new and attractive products, meeting the needs of tourists who want to have a variety of experiences. 

In 2022, the whole province was estimated to welcome 3 million turns of visitors, reaching 203% comppared to that of the same period last year, fulfilling 116.3% of the year plan. In which, there were 100 thousand turns of international visitors, reaching 206% compared to that of the same period, fulfilling 100% of the year plan; there were 2.9 million turns of domestic tourists, reaching 202.9% compared to that of the same period, fulfilling 116.9% of the year plan. The total revenue from tourism was about 3,100 billion VND, reaching 204.9 % compared to that of the same period, fulfilling 129.3% of the year plan. The number of tourists to the province has increased rapidly, especially at weekends and during public holidays. The results of tourism business have been contributing to promoting the economic growth, creating more jobs and sustainable livelihoods for the employees, gradually integrating into the international economy.


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