The expanded festival of community tourism villaged in the Northwest provinces takes place in 3 days (November 17th – 19th, 2023 in Lac village, Chieng Chau commune (Mai Chau). It is expected to attract thousands of tourists. Therefore, the work of ensuring safety and security for the big event has been actively prepared by the Police force.

Mai Chau district’s police has been grasping the local situation to develop a plan to ensure security and safety for the expanded festival of community tourism villaged in the Northwest provinces.

The festival takes place with many cultural and artistic activities, explanations and introductions about the typical community tourism villages of the provinces; cultural performances and national costume performances; community tourism culinary competition; booth display competition introducing the cultural and tourism products, souvenirs, and typical OCOP products; Demonstrating some traditional crafts and folk games; displaying and exhibiting the beautiful tourism photos...

This is an important event to promote and introduce the potential and strengths of tourism, cuisine, and the image of the community tourism in Hoa Binh province in particular and the expanded Northwest provinces in general, attracting domestic and international tourists. Thereby, it helps contribute to preserving and promoting the traditional cultural values of the ethnic groups, honoring community tourism villages, expanding the cultural exchanges between the ethnic groups, and promoting the growth of the community tourism.

Lieutenant Colonel Bui Viet Hung, the Deputy Director of the Provincial Police, says: Ensuring security and absolute safety for this event is one of the important factors contributing to the success. The Provincial Police have drastically implemented the work plans. In particular, they have proactively advised the Security - Health - Traffic Subcommittee to promulgate a Plan to implement the tasks serving the festival. At the same time, they have directed the professional units and Mai Chau District’s Police to survey and develop plans to arrange forces to ensure security and order for the activities at the event. Especially, it is necessary to ensure safety for the Party’s and State’s leaders and visitors.

As the unit directly in charge of ensuring security and order in the area where the event takes place, Mai Chau District’s Police has proactively deployed many plans to ensure safety and security for the participating delegates and visitors. Lieutenant Colonel Ha Van Van, the Deputy Head of the District’s Police, also says: Immediately after the organization plan, the District’s Police has closely followed the event's activities to develop a suitable and realistic plan to ensure security and order. In particular, we focus on tightly grasping and managing the areas and subjects; Promoting the prevention, fight and suppression of all types of crimes and social evils.

In addition, the district’s police have directed the police forces of the communes and the town to coordinate with other forces to strengthen patrol working groups, controlling crime prevention, law violations, and ensuring traffic safety and public order. It is suggested focusing on doing a good job of the residence management, proactively do a good job of fire prevention and rescue... before, during and after the event. In particular, it is necessary to thoroughly grasp the ideology for the cadres so taht they try and strive to complete their tasks with the determination and the highest sense of responsibility, while ensuring good security situation, thoughtful reception, and creating a good impression in the hearts of tourists and delegates, contributing to building the image of the hospitable and affectionate land and people of Mai Chau.

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