(HBO) There are forests, there are waterfalls, we plant forests, protect forests, the waterfalls will be the "concert” all year round. The waterfall enjoys with us on hot summer afternoons and gives us a rest after a busy working week. Under the waterfalls we freely enjoy playing with the water, the young girls let their stream hair down gently by the waterfalls. We protect the forest to preserve the inexhaustible source of water and keep the fresh air.


 Immersing oneself in Go Lao waterfall (Mai Chau).

The relaxing summer by Thang Thien waterfall (Hoa Binh city).

 The tourists are taking pictures with the Double waterfall, Tu Son commune (Kim Boi).

 Discovering the beauty of Lao waterfall, the upland district, Da Bac.

The waterfall is also a place for the couples to express their love. The photo taken at Dan Hoa waterfall (Hoa Binh city).

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Spreading activities to take care of people with the meritorious services, repaying for one’s favour

(HBO) - On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of War Invalids and Martyrs' Day (July 27, 1947 - July 27, 2022), all the localities in the province have been active in the gratitude activities to the heroic martyrs and the people with the meritorious services to the revolution. The movement of taking care of the households under the preferrential policies and the people with the meritorious services and many practical and meaningful programs spreading far and wide in the gratitude month of July.

The beauty of the reservoir of Da River

(HBO) - The reservoir of Da River is a place for ecological and spiritual tourism, however, it is also a very suitable place to raise fish in cages. Visiting the reservoir of Da River, visitors can see a beautiful Ngoi Hoa, a calm river area, relaxing with wooden boats, or swimming in floats, enjoying delicious grilled fish, meeting Muong and Thai girls in colorful costumes and enjoying folk dances and songs... In particular, visitors can burn the incense in the sacred Bo temple of the river origin...

Beauty of terraced paddy fields in Thach Yen

(HBO) – We visited the hamlet of Rom Khanh, Thach Yen (Cao Phong) on the last days of June to explore the stunning beauty of its terraced paddy fields dyed in a golden glow by ripening rice. Multi-layered terraced fields stand out among the green colour of the northwestern mountains and forests, promising to be an appealing destination for travellers.

Hoa Binh officials pay tribute to martyrs at Truong Son, Road 9 national martyrs' cemeteries

(HBO) - A provincial delegation led by Bui Duc Hinh, Vice Secretary of the provincial Party Committee and Chairman of the provincial People's Council, on July 17 offered incense and flowers to commemorate heroes and martyrs at the Truong Son and Road 9 national martyrs’ cemeteries in the central province of Quang Tri.

Some pictures of the socio-economic development in Da Bac district

(HBO) - After 40 years of migrating to the reservoir of Da River (1982 - 2022), under the leadership of the Party Committee and the appropriate authorities at all levels, Da Bac district has determined to lead and stabilize the locality, gradually improving and enhancing the People's life. In which, the focus has been paid on restructuring the agro-forestry economy, which suitable with the potential and strengths of each locality. Thanks to that, the socio-economic face of the district has gradually and stably been developing and they have achieved the positive results.