(HBO) – Most of enterprises in industrial zones, especially enterprises which were invested by FDI (Foreign direct investment) and has implemented the projects on scheduled time, achieved effective activities in production and business. That leads to stable growth in revenues and exports, create more jobs and actively contribute to provincial economic restructuring.

BanDai Company (located in Industrial zone of left bank of Da River), which is invested by 100% of Japan capital, has resolved an issue of unemployment for dozens of local workers.

Esquel Group which is implementing the project in Luong Son Industrial Park had an impressive development. It is one of the enterprises that pioneered to obey the guidelines, policies and laws, and created a healthy workplace environment for their employees. Although there were about 600 workers at the first time, now the Group has employed about 4000 workers whose average income could gain from 5 to 7 millions VND per month. That is considered to account for 10% of export value of the province. The Group plans to enlarge investment in production at Luong Son Industrial Park, which will attract more 1000 employees in 2019.

Transon Vietnam Co., Ltd in Luong Son Industrial Park also has a stable growth and becomes a reliable partner providing electronic components for big brands of Samsung. Thus, the number of workers has increased to 1200 people as well.

Luong Son Industrial Park has synchronous infrastructures in which it has attracted about 29 investment projects. The 13 out of 29 projects are foreign direct investment (FDI) ones with a registered capital of 232 millions USD and 16 domestic investment projects with a registered capital of 2711 billions VND. These projects are creating new industrial products in the field of telecommunication equipment, garment, mechanics, automobile parts, aluminum glass and construction, and increases more jobs for about 12 thousands of workers with the average wage of 4.7 millions VND per month.

There are many enterprises operating effectively such as Sankoh Co., Ltd; R Technical Research Vietnam Co., Ltd; Global Garment Sourcing Vietnam Co., Ltd; Doosung Tech Vietnam Co., Ltd; HNT Vina Co., Ltd; Nissin Manufacturing Viet Nam Co., Ltd; Seyong INC Co., Ltd; Midori Apparel Vietnam Co.,Ltd in Luong Son Industrial Park. The enterprises have observed the law on environmental protection strictly as well as pay attention to the implementation of regimes and policies toward their employees. Also, they usually organise some dialogues, solve reqiurments and problems of laborers. In additons, they focus on building a collective bargaining agreement, carry out employee benefits and establish harmonious labor relations between employers and employees in order to maintain stable development.

At the moment, these industrial zones in the province have 74 projects, including 22 FDI projects with registered capital of 438,41 millions USD and 54 domestic investment projects with registered capital of 7.896,74 billions VND. Here, there are 45 projects that are operating production and business. In 1st quarter of 2018, enterprises in Industrial zones had the total revenue of about 2.479.82 billions VND, exports value of 103,595 millions USD and submitted government budget by 31,58 billions VND as well as created about 16.144 jobs for laborers. 


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