(HBO) – Hoa Binh city has to date had 16 products joining the One Commune One Product (OCOP) Programme certified as OCOP ones at the provincial level, including nine three-star ad seven four-star products.


Floss products made of black carps, Lang fish (Hemibagrus guttatus) and yellow Lang fish farmed in Da River by Hai Dang Ltd in Hoa Binh city have been recognised as four-star OCOP products.

The nine three-star products include Ca gai leo (Solanum trilobatum) tea by Thuong Thao Co., Ltd.; Van Tien honey by Van Tien apiculture cooperative; Dong trung ha thao (Caterpillar fungus) by Biopharm Hoa Binh joint Stock Company; Chien Tho vermicelli by Do Quang Chien business household; Phu Cuong Song Da banana by Phu Cuong Song Da agricultural and aquatic product processing cooperative; sachi inchi oil by Vietnam Inca joint Stock Company; lemongrass essential oil by agricultural cooperative in Dao village of Thong Nhat; and herbal medicine by H20 traditional herbal medicine cooperative.

Meanwhile, the seven four-star products are fillets of Lang fish (Hemibagrus guttatus) and tilapia farmed in Da River by Cuong Thinh Service and Co., Ltd.; Pa Co Shan Tuyet Tea (Phuong Huyen plant varieties production and trading company; sachi inchi tea by Vietnam Inca joint Stock Company; Floss products made of black carps, Lang fish (Hemibagrus guttatus) and yellow Lang fish farmed in Da River by Hai Dang Ltd.

In order to further popularise the OCOP Programme, over the years, Hoa Binh city has implemented many programmes to support local production facilities to promote the trading of OCOP products. Meanwhile, the city has reviewed its potential products and assist producers to standardise their products./.

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