(HBO) - As a foreign-invested enterprise with an early presence in Luong Son Industrial Park, for many years Esquel Vietnam - Hoa Binh Garment Manufacturing Co., Ltd (Esquel Company) has always been effetively engaged in production and business activities, reflecting in the stability of the source of goods, there are not any workers without jobs or business interruption.

Currently, Esquel Vietnam - Hoa Binh Garment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. provides stable jobs for more than 4,800 employees.

Esquel Company has 100% investment capital of Singapore, specializing in the production of garments for export. The company operates according to the lean production model, focusing on investing in advanced equipment, arranging the scientific workshops to reduce waste and improve labor productivity.

Ms. Trinh Thi Hong Van, the Director of Administration - Human Resources says: Currently, Esquel Hoa Binh has over 4,800 officers and workers. The company always encourages the officials and the employees to improve techniques, strengthen the productivity and ensure the quality of goods according to customers' requirements through the Idea System. In 2 years (2019 - 2020) the over 1,400 ideas were recorded throughout the company. Especially, the Technical Department is constantly researching and improving the technological process, reducing the maximum consumption of raw materials and unnecessary production stages, improving the productivity of workers while it still meets the specification standards of customers.

Determining to ensure the labor safety, the environment and food hygiene is the core requirement for the development of enterprises, therefore, this issue is always put on top. Accordingly, the company has established the Occupational Safety and Health Council, a safety network and a first aid team. At the same time, they always ensure the use and management of machinery and equipment with the strict requirements on Occupational Safety and Health. Along with that, they always pay attention to training, labor protection equipment, risk assessment on Occupational Safety and Health at the workplace. There are regular health check-ups, occupational diseases detection and improvement of working conditions in order to provide employees with safe and healthy working conditions.

In addition, Esquel Company has implemented many practical activities to protect the environment such as periodic environmental monitoring; organizing painting contests, learning about environmental protection, exchanging old batteries for trees; planting trees; investing in a wastewater treatment system that meets the standards of column B according to QCVN 40:2011... Over 10 years of operation, the enterprise has not had any environmental problems and it is always the unit performing well in ensuring food safety and hygiene.

Focusing on building a dynamic, safe and friendly working environment has helped Esquel Hoa Binh achieve success in business. Even in the most difficult period of being negatively affected by Covid-19 epidemics, the enterprise has quickly and flexibly been adapting to overcome difficulties and stand firmly in the market.

The proof of the effort is that the enterprise has achieved impressive numbers in production and business. Accordingly, in 2021, Esquel Company achieved a revenue of 1,364,015 million VND, increasing 0.87% compared to that of 2020; the export turnover reached 58,956,983 USD, the import turnover reached 46,170,145 USD; the average income was approximately 7 million VND a person every month; creating new jobs for more than 1,900 employees... In 2020, the Company won the National Quality Award; In 2021, the Provincial People's Committee commended and rewarded and ranked the 3rd place in the patriotic emulation movement and it was the unit with outstanding typical achievements in Occupational Safety and Health work.

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