(HBO) - On January 11, the provincial Sub-Department of Managing Agro-Forestry-Fisheries Quality held a conference to summarize and award VietGAP, GlobalGAP, and organic certificates in 2022.

The representative of the provincial Sub-Department of managing Agro-Forestry-Fisheries Quality was giving VietGAP, GlobalGAP, and organic certificates to production and business establishments. 

In 2022, the Sub-Department of Managing Agro-Forestry-Fisheries Quality developed a plan to implement a program supporting, consulting and certifying VietGAP processes, GlobalGAP and organic standards; sending information documents about thye organizations and individuals who received consulting support, VietGAP, GlobalGAP, and organic certificates during the year. The inter-regional quality control stations have appointed the officers to coordinate with the experts to evaluate 30 VietGAP, GlobalGAP and organic models of 28 organizations and individuals producing and trading agricultural products in the province. The total certified scale was 480.3 hectares, the output was 9,617 tons of products a year, and there were 733 involved production households. 

Up to now, the provincial Sub-Department of managing Agro-Forestry and Fisheries Quality has issued 16 VietGAP certificates to 15 organizations, individuals, 592 participating households with the certified scale of 362.99 hectares of citrus fruits and vegetables of all kinds. The expected output is 5,991.9 tons a year; they have granted 7 VietGAP certificates in animal husbandry to 7 organizations, individuals, 47 participating households with the certified scale of 5,654 ha (including raising pigs, chickens, bees), and the expected output is 340.19 tons a year; 1 certificate of organic standards in growing vegetables of all kinds for 1 organization with a scale of 3 ha and an output of 60 tons a year; 6 GlobalGAP certificates (the standard for exporting to the European market) for 6 organizations, 93 participating households wit the certified scale of 108.7 ha (including longan, citrus fruit, dragon fruit), and the expected output of 3,225 tons a year. 

At the conference, the delegates contributed the ideas and discussed the contents related to the market issues, preserving and protecting the brands of agricultural products and foodstuffs, ensuring the consumption output, the selling prices of agricultural products…in order to better implement support, advice and certification of good agricultural practices as well as ensuring the efficient production and business activities of production facilities and households. 

On this occasion, the Sub-Department of Managing Agro-Forestry-Fisheries Quality have awarded VietGAP, GlobalGAP and organic certificates to 28 agricultural production and business establishments that have been supported and consulted for implementation. 

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