Measures have been taken in Hung Thi commune, Lac Thuy district to eliminate hunger, reduce poverty and increase the income of residents. Currently, the commune has an average income of 51.1 million VND ($2,120 USD) per capita per year and its poverty rate is just 18%.

 Do Minh Hong in Hung Thi commune, Lac Thuy district gets an annual income of 60-70 million VND from honey production.

Chairman of the commune People’s Committee Luong Van Dong said that local authorities called on and instructed local people to boost production, and select crops and animals in line with local strengths and potential. The commune also implemented credit programmes, and improved infrastructure, particularly roads and irrigation works to support production, he said.

The commune is home to 971 households with nearly 4,000 people. In its economic structure, agricultural production and forestry make up a major proportion with traditional crops such as rice, corn, cassava and sugarcane. To boost agricultural production, the commune has implemented measures to increase the crops’ productivity and cultivated those with high economic value.

It also offered farmers training courses on applying science and technology to production and changing farming techniques. Local farmers were also encouraged to restructure crops toward commodity production.

The commune now has 11 cooperatives that produce and purchase agricultural and livestock products. It has a honey beekeeping club with 18 members who are raising more than 800 bee colonies, supplying over 11 tonnes of honey to the market each year.

In 2023, the commune completed dossiers to apply for the provincial recognition of two products - honey and lemongrass essential oil - as One Commune-One Product (OCOP) products.

Moreover, the commune has 61 ha of rice, 102 ha of corn, 180 ha of vegetables, and three fruit farms. It also has 877 buffaloes and cows, 1,700 pigs, 26,000 poultry, and 754 goats. In addition, industrial and handicraft establishments are encouraged to expand and create jobs for many rural workers. Two food and livestock companies based in the commune now provide jobs for nearly 300 workers.

To support people in developing production, the commune has implemented preferential credit programmes, focused on infrastructure and roads, and engaged people in dredging canals. With the motto "the State and the people work together", the commune has built infrastructure projects and cemented rural roads with a total cost of 9.7 billion VND (402,000 USD).

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