Hoa Binh province scored 43.5493 points in the 2023 Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI), ranking 20th out of the 63 provinces and cities nationwide, up 23 places compared to the 2022 list.

An overview of conference to announce 2023 PAPI report.

The 2023 PAPI report was launched at a conference in Hanoi on April 2. The index is a policy monitoring tool that assesses citizen experiences and satisfaction with government performance at the national and sub-national levels in governance, public administration and public service delivery.

Following the initial pilot in 2009 and a larger survey in 2010, the PAPI survey has been implemented nationwide each year since 2011. For the 2023 PAPI report, 19,536 randomly selected citizens were surveyed. In total, 197,779 Vietnamese citizens nationwide have been directly interviewed for PAPI since 2009. PAPI measures eight dimensions: participation at local levels, transparency, vertical accountability, control of corruption, public administrative procedures, public service delivery, environmental governance, and e-government.

Hoa Binh’s result demonstrates people's satisfaction with the effectiveness of the State's implementation of policies and laws, local governance, and public service supply by local authorities at all levels in 2023.

Most of its component indicators are high, such as people's participation at local level (5.1577 points), transparency (5,1274 points), accountability to the people (4.4621 points), corruption control (7.2309 points), and public administrative procedures (7.3462 points).

Over the recent times, Hoa Binh has focused on solutions to improve the PAPI year by year, with a goal of improving the efficiency of serving the people by local administrations. In particular, the province has taken concerted measures to improve the scores of all eight PAPI dimensions, and enhance the responsibility of heads of State agencies, each official and civil servant, and local people in efforts to increase the index.

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Hoa Binh seeks measures to ensure sustainable state budget collection

The State budget collection in Hoa Binh province has received constant attention and directions from the provincial Party Committee, People’s Council and People’s Committee, the Ministry of Finance and the General Department of Taxation, along with effective coordination from all-level administrations and sectors.

More Hoa Binh people prefer non-cash payment

In recent years, non-cash payment has become popular in Hoa Binh province. This not only helps banks get closer to their digital banking goals but also creates many conveniences for customers.

The Grand Opening of the Safe Agricultural Produce Store in Tan Lac District

On June 6th, the Farmers' Union of Tan Lac District collaborated with the Provincial Farmers' Support Center to organize the grand opening of the safe agricultural produce store in Tan Lac District.

Hoa Binh accelerates progress of key projects

Hoa Binh is implementing a series of solutions in order to early start work on and finish important projects, focusing on accelerating the progress of site clearance, resettlement construction, conversion of forest and rice land, and implementing related procedures in accordance with regulations. The province is developing a detailed plan to remove difficulties for each project to realise the goal of capital disbursement. The effectiveness of directing investment projects has been made a criterion to evaluate the performance of agencies, units and their heads.

Science, technology help boost development of OCOP products

The implementation of the "One Commune, One Product” (OCOP) programme in Hoa Binh province has helped local companies, cooperatives, along with production and business establishments boost the development of their key and typical products, as well as the rural industries and services they are strong at. Science and technology have played an important role in the fast and sustainable development of OCOP products.

The man who gains three-star OCOP status for cordyceps products

Ngo Kim Quyen, from Dong Tien commune, Hoa Binh city, has earned a stable income from cordyceps – a three-star OCOP product.