Nguyen Van Thap from Kim Duc hamlet, Vinh Tien commune, Kim Boi district, has built the brand of Hoa Qua Son for local fruits. His efforts have brought about income for his family and generated job opportunities for locals, helping hundreds of households escape from poverty.

Nguyen Van Thap's farm in Kim Duc hamlet, Vinh Tien commune, Kim Boi district.

Visitors to Kim Boi can take mineral baths and enjoy local specialties, especially those offered by Hoa Qua Son restaurants ran by the man.  

Aware of capital shortage facing local poor famers, Thap and his family used their own money to buy cows for them to take advantage of Kim Boi’s natural conditions with vast lawns and hills. The cow herd expanded from only tens to hundreds after several years. The reward-winning cow raising model has helped many households in economic development and poverty reduction.

Over recent years, Kim Boi has emerged as a tourist destination, especially for holidaymakers from Hanoi. Given this, the man opened three restaurants, offering special dishes prepared by local chiefs. The facilities are employing 28 labourers, each with a monthly salary of 6-17 million VND, and generate over 100 million VND for his family.  

Currently, Thap is running two farms of 200 pigs and other animals, and cooperating with local households to provide materials for the restaurants.

In 2017, he established the eight-member Hoa Qua Son Cooperative that covers 50 hectares of fruit trees to be served at the restaurants and delivered in the market.

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