Anyone found to be encroaching upon the forest, even if it is just one bamboo shoot, will face penalties. This commitment has been unanimously added into the covenant of Bua Cau hamlet, Hung Son commune in Kim Boi district, to protect the forest.

Effective forest management and protection bring sustainable benefits and significant income from bamboo shoots and rattan for residents of Bua Cau hamlet, Hung Son commune, Kim Boi district.

According to Bui Van Thi, a resident of Bua Cau hamlet, despite difficulties in the lives of households in the hamlet, they are fully aware of the benefits of forest preservation. As a result, they unanimously and highly agree on forest conservation and the appropriate, effective exploitation of forest resources. Thanks to this approach, not only has the forest been preserved, but over the years, maintaining and expanding the area of natural forests as well as increasing the area of planted forests has provided many households with stable incomes, thus improving their livelihoods.

Vice Chairman of the Hung Son communal People's Committee Bui Van Tinh said it is worth noting that effective forest management and protection has brought sustainable benefits to the residents of Bua Cau. In addition to maintaining domestic water sources and stable irrigation, locals also generate significant income annually from bamboo shoots and rattan. According to statistics from the recent bamboo shoot season, the entire hamlet earned over 500 million VND (20,800 USD). This translates to an additional income for each household ranging from 3 million VND to tens of millions VND per season.

Over the recent years, the district has stepped up forestation for protective purposes, afforestation and reforestation after exploitation, transforming small-timber plantations into large-timber commercial forests. Since 2020, the entire district has planted 558.4 ha of new forests, including 15 ha of special-use forests, 30 ha of protective forests and over 510 ha of production forests.



Additionally, the district has planted 525,000 scattered trees. The area of natural forests has been actively protected by the local community, People's Committees of communes and towns, resulting in improved forest quality. All of the natural forest area receives financial support for forest protection activities through the Sustainable Forestry Development Programme and the Socio-Economic Development Programme for Ethnic Minorities and Mountainous Areas, thereby contributing to improving the local lives, forest quality, and disaster resilience. Moreover, the district encourages the sustainable development of raw material sources, introduces good breeds into production, applies intensive farming, and determines a reasonable business cycle. Mixed cropping, intercropping, and crop rotation are also expected to prevent diseases, said Vice Chairman of the Kim Boi district People's Committee Tran Tuan Son.

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