(HBO) – Hoa Binh city is now home to 19 associations for promoting education in communes and wards, with 214 smaller associations in residential areas and nine education promotion committees with nearly 34,000 members. Over the years, the city has seen great achievements in the life-long learning movement, contributing to improving the literacy of the local community, nurturing talents and developing the education-training activities.

Hoa Binh city’s Association for Promoting Education has focused on building learning models as part of the efforts to encourage studying activities and talents. In the photo: A model of learning family in Thong Nhat ward.

Defining education promotion as one of its key tasks, over the years, the Hoa Binh city’s Association for Promoting Education has actively coordinated with associations, unions and schools to strengthen communications and raise public awareness of the significance of learning for each individual, family, family clan and the whole society. The work has received great support from the local Party Committee and administration.

Since the beginning of this year, the associations at all levels have focused on implementing the life-long learning movement among families, clans, agencies, and the community.

To date, the city has had 28,900 learning families, accounting for 91.5% of the total, along with 65 learning clans, 200 learning communities at the village level, 78 learning units at the communal level, and 19 leaning units at the district level.

Localities with outstanding performance in the work include Thinh Lang, Dan Chu, Huu Nghi, Dong Tien, Tan Thinh, Ky Son, and Mong Hoa communes and wards.

The popularisation of "Tieng trong khuyen hoc” (drum sounds encouraging learning) movement via Zalo, an initiative of Tan Thinh ward’s Association for Promoting Education, has been multiplied in all sub-associations.

The city has developed 275 community development clubs and 423 similar groups engaging in communications on a project to strengthen life-long learning movement among families, clans, agencies and the community.

Trinh Thi Thanh Thuy, Chairwoman of the Hoa Binh City’s Association for Promoting Education, attributed the results to the great attention and support from the provincial Association for Promoting Education as well as the Party Committees and People’s Committees at all levels. She said that in the time to come the association will continue to work hard to gain more achievements in 2023, thus laying the foundation for the building of a learning society in the city./.

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