(HBO) - On February 26, in Lam Son commune (Luong Son), the Provincial Youth Communist Union held a ceremony to launch the year of the digital transformation of the activities.

The leaders of the Provincial Communist Youth Union, the Department of Education and Training were awarding 20 sets of gifts to the students with difficult circumstances. 

With the theme "The Youth are pioneering in the digital transformation”, this year, all levels of the Youth Communist Union of the whole province organize the extensive practical activities, focusing on the grassroots with the clear work, clear model, and synchronously strengthening the digital transformation in all aspects of the Communist Youth Union's work; promoting the role of the young people to actively participate in the digital transformation, applying digital technology in real life and improving the digital capacity for the young people... 

In order to well implement the theme of the year and the Youth Month in 2023, all levels of the Communist Youth Union in the province have agreed to act, emulate and volunteer with the following key contents: Organizing different forms of propaganda and introduction about the tradition of the Communist Youth Union and the youth through the periods, the meaning of the Youth Month; organizing trips to the historical sites and red addresses inside and outside the province; implementing the projects and tasks of the youth so that they can participate in the construction of the new rural areas; supporting the digital transformation, applying scientific and technological advances in agricultural production; stepping up the implementation of the program "one commune one product”; deploying the squad to dismantle and remove advertising billboards at the wrong places; replicating and improving the quality of model routes "Bright - green - clean - beautiful - civilized – safe”; establishing the groups of the community digital transformationh to support digital transformation in the rural areas; making the specific plans to effectively implement the project "Improving the digital capacity for Vietnamese youth in the period of 2022 -2025”; propagating and popularizing the digital skills, the skills to ensure safety and cyber security for the young people; promoting the digital transformation in the work of the Communist Youth Union, increasing the digitization of information on Communist Youth Union’s activities; organizing the social security activities to serve the People; promoting the implementation of the campaign "Each youth has an idea and initiative”...

The have launched the youth project with QR code of information about the relics that Uncle Ho visited Chi Hoa Production Group in Doc Phan hamlet, Lam Son commune (Luong Son).


On this occasion, the Provincial Communist Youth Union has given 20 sets of gifts to the students with difficult circumstances; Luong Son district donated 20 sets of gifts to the families with difficult circumstances; Viettel and Luong Son district have cooperated to sponsor a country road lighting project worth 30 million VND for Rong Tam hamlet, Lam Son commune and the children's playground in Rong Vong hamlet.


Right after the launching ceremony, there were activities to launch the youth project with QR code of information about the relics that Uncle Ho visited Chi Hoa Production Group in Doc Phan hamlet, Lam Son commune (Luong Son); the new member admission ceremony; the medical examination and health consultation, free medicine distribution to the people; inaugurating the road to light up the country road; inaugurating the children's playground…


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