(HBO) - Luong Son district has been attracting a large number of employees from other localities to work and live. It is expected that in the next few years, the number of preschool children will increase, the scale of the public preschools cannot meet the needs of parents sending their children to school, therefore, the establishment of private preschool groups and classes tends to develop strongly and needs timely attention and support.

The children during the lesson at Thanh Nhan private kindergarten in Dong Duong urban area, Luong Son town (Luong Son).

According to the leader from the Department of Education and Training of Luong Son district, the unit has directed the school to continue implementing the Project for the Preschool Education Development for the period of 2019 - 2025. They have been gradually diversifying the method, improving the quality of nurturing, caring for and educating the children towards meeting the standard of preschool education quality; Encouraging the development of non-public preschool education facilities to help increase the rate of preschool-aged children.

So far, in the district there is one private preschool, 8 private preschool facilities with 25 child groups and kindergarten classes (9 child groups, 16 kindergarten classes). The total number of private school children is 416 (165 small kindergarten children, 251 kindergarten children). The total number of classrooms is 25 (16 permanent, 9 semi-permanent). There are 63 managers, teachers, and staff, including 2 managers, 46 teachers and 15 employees.

In the school year of 2022 - 2023, the district has focused on implementing the mechanisms and policies to mobilize socialization in the preschool education; Creating the favorable conditions for the businesses, organizations, individuals and the local people to invest in building preschool facilities to serve child care needs, especially in the industrial parks. At the same time, the have been paying attention to encouraging socialization of the activities in the fields of education, vocational training, health, culture, sports, and environment; mobilizing the resources in the community to invest in education and training; Supporting the teachers at independent and private preschool facilities and children in non-public preschool facilities...

According to comrade Nguyen Huong Giang, Deputy Head of the Department of Education and Training of Luong Son district, in recent times, the district has seriously implemented mechanisms and policies on socialization of education, creating favorable conditions for land, credit, taxes and administrative procedures for businesses, organizations, and individuals investing in the construction of non-public early childhood education facilities to serve the child care and education needs of workers and laborers in industrial parks and industrial parks. people in densely populated areas. Encourage organizations and individuals to invest in the development of early childhood education, because when independent and private early childhood education facilities are established and put into operation, they will contribute to reducing the burden and overload on public early childhood education facilities. create.

However, in the 2023 - 2024 school year, the development of non-public early childhood education facilities in Luong Son district still faces difficulties such as: some teachers and staff at the facilities are not really attached to the profession. , some non-public early childhood education facilities cannot meet the child care needs of parents due to lack of teachers... In addition, there are difficulties in implementing current documents and the management of non-public early childhood education facilities. setting, facilities and teaching staff...

Right from the beginning of this school year, the Department of Education and Training of Luong Son district has directed the independent and private schools and preschool facilities to well carry out the work of caring for, nurturing and educating children, ensuring food hygiene and safety. and preventing and combating malnutrition for children. They have been mobilizing the resources to maintain and improve the rate of children receiving boarding meals and the quality of the boarding meals. They have also beem strictly managing the preschool facilities.

In addition, they have strengthened fostering and training the teachers so that they can improve the ethics, the professional responsibility, love and responsibility to protect children; Improving the professional capacity to meet the requirements of child care and education, especially the teachers in independent and private class groups; Encouraging teachers to self-study and exploit the resources and learning materials on the internet. It is necessary to ensure that 100% of the children studying at independent and private preschool facilities are health checked and nutritional status assessed according to regulations. 100% of the non-public preschool facilities have adequate sanitation facilities suitable for children to use.

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