Together with the more than 1 million students across the country, more than 9,800 students in Hoa Binh entered the first day of the 2024 high school graduation exam in the morning of June 27. They took the literature exam in the morning and maths in the afternoon.

A student looks at the candidate lists at Hoang Van Thu high school for gifted students in Hoa Binh city.

In the 2024 high school graduation exam, Hoa Binh has 59 registration units, 38 exam places, and 418 exam rooms. More than 9,800 local students registered for the exam. In order to ensure the best services for the exam, the provincial education-training sector has mobilised more than 3,100 officials and volunteer youngsters.

This year, the exam has five tests in total, including three independent tests (literature, maths, and foreign language) and two combined tests of natural sciences (physics, chemistry, biology) and social sciences (history, geography, citizenship education).

At all the 38 exam places, all conditions and facilities for the organisation of the exam have been ensured according to regulations. The provincial Steering Committee for High School Graduation Exam has built scenarios and plans to respond to unexpected circumstances due to extreme weather conditions or pandemics, avoiding being passive in any circumstances and ensuring that the exam takes place in a safe, serious, and effective manner.

During the exam period, members of the provincial Steering Committee for High School Graduation Exam inspected the exam supervision work at sites managed by the Hoa Binh High School Graduation Examination Council.

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Cao Phong district works to improve living conditions of ethnic minority people

Defining socio-economic development and effective implementation of policies on ethnic affairs in the locality has been a continuous and crucial task during 2019-2024 period, the Party Committee and People's Committee of Cao Phong district have focused on leadership in executing these tasks, achieving positive results. The material and spiritual lives of people in ethnic minority-inhabited and mountainous areas have gradually improved while rural area has gained a face-lift.

Education sector contributes to building new-style rural areas

Hoa Binh’s education and training sector is implementing concerted measures to better the quality of education and training, proactively implementing the national target programme on new rural area building.

Developing prosperous, progressive, equal, happy “cells of society”

Family is the home of each person and the cell of a society. It also plays a significant role in the formation and development of each person’s personality. On May 4, 2001, the Prime Minister issued Decision No. 72/2001/QD-TTg, designating June 28 as the Vietnamese Family Day. Over the past years, Hoa Binh province has carried out a number of activities to honour the family traditions and help develop prosperous, progressive, equal, happy "cells of society”.

Nearly 1,700 volunteers have participated in the “Supporting the exam season”

During the two days of June 27th - 28th, 38 "Supporting the exam season” teams with nearly 1,700 volunteers were present at 38 exam sites in the province to support more than 9,800 candidates taking the exam at the High School Graduation Exam in 2024.

The national high school graduation exam in Hoa Binh province takes place seriously according to the regulations

On June 28th, the candidates in Hoa Binh province at 38 testing sites entered the second as well as the final testing day of the 2024 High School Graduation Exam.

Hoa Binh strive to take care of ethnic minority children

Over the past years, authorities of all levels, sectors and localities of Hoa Binh province have always paid attention to the protection, care and education of children in special and difficult circumstances, and those in disadvantaged and ethnic minority areas.