(HBO) - Resolution No. 830/NQ-UBTVQH14 of the National Assembly Standing Committee, Quyet Thang commune (Lac Son) was established on the basis of merging 3 communes: Phu Luong, Phuc Tuy, and Chi Thien. In recent years, along with the task of socio-economic development, the Party committee and the communal authorities have not stopped paying attention to developing the sports movement, making the commune a bright spot of the district in this work.

The athletes are competing in women's volleyball at the first Sports Festival in Quyet Thang commune (Lac Son) in 2022.

Effectively implementing the campaign "All people do exercises following the great example of Uncle Ho”, in recent years, the sports movement in Quyet Thang commune has strongly been developing, spreading widely to each hamlet and population area, attracting a large number of people from all walks of life to practice many sports. Till now there have been more than 5,000 people practising sports regularly and over 1,200 sports households in the commune. Thereby, it has improved health, making the people's spiritual life better, repelling the social evils, building the cultural life in the residential areas...

The fact that the people are enthusiastically practicing in a joyful and exciting atmosphere with the constant smiles on their lips is an image that is not difficult to see every afternoon at the hamlet's sports ground. Some villages have active movements such as Party 2, Pheo, Dong Cai, Khai Cai, Ban Chao. Depending on the age, the interests and the health, each person chooses an appropriate sport to practice regularly. Volleyball is a sport that is loved and practiced most actively by many people; Football and the national sports are the key ones of the commune. At the 7-football championship in 2022 of Lac Son district, the commune's male football team performed excellently and won the championship trophy. Currently, in the commune there are 16 grassroots sports clubs, mainly volleyball ones. Each hamlet has at least 1 sports team or group. In recent years, the sports clubs and teams have maintained regular and effective activities, creating a healthy and useful playground, promoting the extensive development of the sports movement. In addition, in order to meet the increasing needs of the people for physical training, the system of the cultural and sports institutions, facilities and equipment has been invested, upgraded and completed.

The first Quyet Thang Communal Conngess of Sports and Physical activites in 2022 took place with great success, creating a change in awareness of the role and importance of regular sports training, and it was an opportunity for more than 600 athletes to compete. At the same time, it helped discover many promising talents in volleyball such as: Bui Van Thanh (Party village 2), Bui Van Bao (Pheo village), Bui Thi Hien (Dong Cai village). The congress competes in the following subjects: men's - women's steam volleyball, men's - women's volleyball. The final results are as followed: the first prize for the whole team belonged to Party hamlet 2; the second one belonged to Pheo hamlet; the third one belonged to Ban Chao village.

Mr. Quach Van Vi, the Vice Chairman of the Communal Fatherland Front Committee and is in charge of the socio-cultural field, says: "Clearly defining that the meaning of the development of mass sports movements contributes to improving health of the people, every year, the commune develops plans to organize many tournaments and exchanges, especially during holidays and Tet, integrating sports activities associated with the movements and the campaigns. They have been strengthening propaganda on the meaning and the importance of physical training and sports; promoting socialization, paying attention to building, renovating and upgrading the system of cultural and sports institutions; maintaining and replicating the sports clubs, the teams and groups at the grassroots. With the abundant and regular activities, the movement of sports and physical activities in Quye Thang commune has gradually deepened, spreading throughout the hamlets, strengthening the solidarity in the community, and building the healthy lifestyles and habits…”.

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(HBO) - At the 7th Sports Congress in Lac Son district held in July 2022, Mang fighting the Muong ethnic group officially became a competition. Previously, the traditional wrestling of Muong ethnic group was included in the competition content from the 6th District’s Sports Congress. This is considered a concrete and practical solution to restore the cultural heritages, responding to the movement "All people do exercises following the great example in the whole area.

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