(HBO) - Over the years, with the attention, the leadership and direction of the Provincial Party Committee, the People's Council, the Provincial People's Committee, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the effective coordination between the departments, sectors and the mass organizations, the local authorities and the constant efforts of coaches and athletes, the provinial high performance sports has developed in the right direction, constantly growing, and achieving many proud achievements.

The athletes are competing in cycling event in the 31st SEA Games.

The precious medals

A series of important sports events have taken place in our province in 2022 such as: hosting the cycling event in the program of the 31st Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games 31), hosting the event off-road cycling within the framework of the 9th National Sports Festival. Not only successfully completed the hosting work, the athletes of the province performed excellently, leaving many good and unforgettable impressions in the hearts of the domestic and international tourists about a friendly and hospitable Hoa Binh.

The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has actively advised, developed the plans and scenarios, promulgating and implementing the directing documents, coordinating with the relevant agencies and units to strengthen propaganda and prepare facilities… to ensure that the events take place properly, solemnly, safely and effectively.

Referring to the province's high performance sports in 2022, it is impossible not to mention the 31st SEA Games. This is the largest sports event in Southeast Asia with 40 participating sports. Particularly, the cycling event held in Hoa Binh province had nearly 1,000 participants, including 260 athletes and coaches from 8 competing countries, including Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Singapore. At this event, the Vietnamese cycling team competed with determination and impressiveness and won 4 gold medals and 2 silver medals in individual and team events excceding the set plans. In that overall success, there was a significant contribution of 2 cyclists from the province, Dinh Van Linh and Bui Van Nhat, who won the silver medals in the medley relay off-road cycling. Thereby, it has been contributing to affirming the position and ranking of Hoa Binh sport.

Also, as a large playground attended by more than 500 boxers from 6 countries with a thriving Taekwondo movemen such as Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, it is the Southeast Taekwondo Championship. The 15th Asia, 2022. Our province has 1 coach and 5 athletes participating in the Vietnam Taekwondo team competing in the tournament. In the end, the Vietnamese team won 67 gold medals, 62 silver medals, 17 bronze medals, of which the provincial athletes, Dinh Cong Diep, Nguyen Hoang Bao, Bui Thi Hong Loan contributed 1 silver, 2 bronze medals.

In addition to the successes of off-road cycling and Taekwondo, Hoa Binh Football Club (Hoa Binh FC) also does not disappoint the expectations of football fans in the province, excellently winning the right to compete in Vietnam National First Division season in 2023 (V.League 2). Hoa Binh FC was established in March 2021, after its establishment, the team participated in the National Second Division Football Tournament in 2022. For the first time in history, the Northwest football has a representative competing in the professional football system of Vietnam.

Closing a brilliant year of competition for the high performance sports in Hoa Binh province is the 9th National Sports Congress in 2022, the largest-scale congress. Hoa Binh province hosted the off-road cycling and competed in 7 out of the 43 sports within the congress. In the end, the Provincial Sports delegation won 10 medals, including 4 gold medals, 4 silver medals, 2 bronze medals; it was ranked 42 out of the 65 provinces, cities and branches nationwide and ranked 5 out of the 19 provinces in mountainous areas, exceeding planned targets. In which, there were 3 gold and 1 silver medals for the off-road cycling, being ranked the 2nd for the whole team. It can be said that 2022 is a very successful year for the off-road cycling athletes and coaches when they have won precious medals in both Southeast Asian and national sports arenas.

Currently, the Provincial School for the Gifted, Training and Competitive Sports (under the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism) is the only specialized training center on high performance sports in the province. Over the past 12 years of establishment and development, the school has made many important contributions to Hoa Binh high performance sports. In the school year of 2022 - 2023, the school has focused on improving the quality of training 7 gifted sports classes, including cycling, pencak silat, weightlifting, athletics, boxing, karate, taekwondo with a total of 100 students. They have signed contracts with 14 athletes to compete for the provincial team. Simultaneously, they have been training the provincial sports teams to compete in 19 regional, national and Southeast Asian sports tournaments, and the 9th National Sports Congress, and they won 28 gold and 35 silver medals, and 47 bronze medals. It is expected that 6 national athletes at level one will be summoned to the youth team, the national cycling team, weightlifting, taekwondo, boxing teams...

Ms. Bui Thi Niem, the Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism says: "In 2022, there were many great events taking place in the high performance sports, the province hosted and competed successfully, achieving many proud results. Thereby, it helps continue implementing the Party's viewpoint on building and developing the sports and sports movement, improving the cultural and spiritual life of the people; promoting the campaign "All people do exercises following the example of great Uncle Ho”. At the same time, it is an opportunity for the province to promote its image, people, cultural identity, and tourism potential to the domestic and international friends.

Maximizing the potentials and strengths

The positive results achieved in the past time can confirm that the provincial high perpormance sports has prospered with the synchronous implementation of many solutions and the good implementation of resolutions, schemes and plans. The clearest proof is that the capacity, qualifications and achievements of the team of coaches and athletes of high performance sports are constantly improving, contributing many young talents, prospects for the national team, competing successfully, making a bold impression in some international sports arenas... It is the important baggage for the provincial high performance sports to develop dramatically and reach new heights in the coming time.

Decision No. 1494/QD-UBND, dated o June 28, 2018 of the Provincial People's Committee on the promulgation of the project "Developng high performance sports in Hoa Binh province in the period of 2018 – 2020 with a vision to 2030” is a premise for developing high peformance sports of the province with long-term goals. At the same time, it has pointed out the strengths, the limitations and the causes, and the specific goals for the period of 2018 – 2020 with a vision to 2030. In which, the development orientation of high performance sports to 2030 is to maintain, consolidate and improve the achievements of 10 key sports: women's football, women's volleyball, cycling, pencak silat, weightlifting, athletics, boxing, karate, men's and women's basketball, table tennis…

It is easy to see that the province has many young athletes with the stable and good performance now, but how to "retain” and maximize the ability of each nucleus is a difficult problem for those who do sports work in the province.

The athletes: Dinh Van Linh, Bui Van Nhat, Bui Van Hieu, Tran Thi Thuy Van, Quach Thi Phuong Thanh, Hoang Hai Yen, Bui Thi Bao Chau, Dinh Cong Diep, Bui Thi Thuy Linh, Bui Duc Nguyen... are the expected talent examples for the future. They are the core force, the foundation for Hoa Binh sports to improve its position to quickly narrow the gap in qualifications with othyer provinces and cities across the country. Having an impressive year of competition, winning the silver medal at the 31st SEA Games and 2 gold medals at the 9th National Sports Congress, the athlete Bui Van Nhat shares: "Being attached to the professional sports since I was 11, the provincial levels and sectors, and the Provincial School for the Gifted, Training and Competitive Sports have always created conditions for me to compete and pursue my passion. Therefore, I always want to dedicate and contribute to the development of the sports, bringing glory and pride to the homeland”.

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