(HBO) - Every year, the province organizes from 10 to 13 sports tournaments, thereby it effectively helps implement the campaign "All people do exercises following the great example of Uncle Ho”, creating a playground for the talents to learn and exchange experiences. At the same time, it helps discover and select the excellent factors to form a team for training, fostering and competing in a number of the regional and global sports tournaments.

The athletes are competing in the young male doubles at the provincial Youth Badminton and Table Tennis Championship in 2023.

Since the beginning of the year, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has organized the 7-player football championship, the tournament of crossbow shooting, tug of war, and youth stick pushing. In particular, the provincial youth championship for badminton and table tennis held from June 14 to 17 attracted the participation of a large audience. This is an attractive sports ground for the players who are passionate about badminton and table tennis in the province to have the opportunity to compete and affirm their talents.

Holding the gold medal in the young male singles in table tennis, the athlete Nguyen Thanh Hung from Hang Tram town (Yen Thuy) could not hide his joy and happiness: "I am very honored to be a one of the representatives of Yen Thuy district to compete in the provincial youth championship for badminton and table tennis in 2023. Table tennis is my favorite sport and I spend time practicing every day. At the Cuong Gai table tennis club for 2 years, I have been cultivating skills, fighting style, overcoming limitations, and gradually improving myself. In this year's tournament, the athletes all have good expertise and techniques with the determination to compete. The gold medal I won is thanks to the guidance and dedicated guidance of the coach, the encouragement from my family and my own efforts. This achievement is the motivation for me to continue trying, reaching higher goals in the future”.

There were 180 athletes from 10 districts and the city participating in the provincial youth championship for badminton and table tennis in 2023. The athletes competed in 5 events (young male singles, young female singles, male champion singles, female champion singles, male champion doubles) of table tennis and 8 events (young male doubles, young female doubles, young male and female doubles, male champion singles, female champion singles, male champion doubles, female champion doubles, male & female champion doubles) of badminton.

In order to get the best number of athletes, the localities have organized the youth championship for badminton and table tennis at district’s and city’s levels. Carefully and carefully selected, with the methodical investment, the professional training, the promotion of strengths, the forte, the reasonable playing tactics, the determination to improve achievements..., the players have dedicated their shots, powerful beating, many delicate small phases, many fierce, thrilling confrontation matches fro struggling each score. The spirit of playing hard, being confident, full of energy, showing off the personal technique… are the beautiful highlights of the tournament. Besides the familiar faces, who have won high achievements in previous tournaments such as Mai Thi An Nhi (Lac Thuy), Truong Quang Hung (Hoa Binh City) badminton; Chu Duc Thang, Tran Huu Nam (Hoa Binh City) in table tennis… there was the shine of many promising young talents such as Nguyen Thanh Hung, Nguyen Bao Ngoc (Yen Thuy) in table tennis; Dinh Le Hoang, Tran Bao Lam (Lac Thuy), Doan Thao Nguyen, Nguyen Thi Phuong Dung (Kim Boi) badminton…

According to Mr. Dao Tien Cuong, the Deputy Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the provincial youth championship for badminton and table tennis in 2023 is not only a playground for the experienced athletes to improve their personal achievements, but it is also an opportunity for the young tennis players to rub, compete and show bravery. The fierce competition of the athletes with the best performance from 10 districts and the city has contributed to improving the professional quality of the tournament. Currently, the movement to paly badminton and table tennis in all localities of the province takes place actively and popularly. According to the statistics, in the whole province there are 135 badminton clubs and 50 table tennis clubs that operate regularly and actively. This is a good sign showing that the movement of playing badminton and table tennis in 10 districts and cities has made remarkable progress, improving both in quality and quantity. Thereby, it has been creating a playground for exchanges and health training, developing the movement of mass sports in general and badminton and table tennis in particular in the province, enhancing solidarity and improving the culture and spirit life for the local people.

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