In recent years, the physical exercise and sport movement in Yen Bong commune, Lac Thuy district has flourished, drawing a large number of residents to join various training activities, contributing to improved public health.

The Quyet Tien volleyball team from Yen Bong commune, Lac Thuy district regularly practise and participate in various competitions

Ho Thanh Cuong, a cultural and sports officer in Yen Bong commune, noted that to encourage public involvement in sports activities, the commune has consistently involved residents in building sports regulations and guided them to practise suitable sports activities. This approach has led to a thriving local sports movement, particularly in team-oriented sports such as soft volleyball, football, and tug-of-war.

In addition to daily physical training to enhance fitness, residents also practise folk dance and join performances at local events, conferences, and programmes. With lively movements set to cheerful tunes and songs expressing love for the homeland and nation, these activities appeal to various age groups and significantly engage the community. Folk dancing not only improves health but also fosters unity and strengthens cultural and spiritual life among residents. Furthermore, cultural clubs, poetry groups and health-enhancing activities hold frequently activities and engage in exchanges.

Ethnic sports like pole pushing, archery, and tug-of-war have been included in district and regional sports competitions and major festivals, receiving enthusiastic community support. Outstanding individuals and teams from local competitions go on to compete in provincial and district sports events, further invigorating the sports movement. In recent years, local clubs have achieved remarkable results in various sports competitions. The local sports delegation has been honoured multiple times, achieving high rankings in events such as archery and women’s tug-of-war, including first and second places in 2024.

Quach Hoang Hiep, Chairman of the communal People's Committee, highlighted the significant role of sports activities in promoting health, physical fitness, and enhancing cultural and spiritual life for residents. Concurrently, these activities strengthen community unity and contribute to building grassroots cultural life and combating social evils.

Looking ahead, the commune plans to intensify awareness efforts, diversify and enrich the sports movement, and align it with the national solidarity campaign to build cultural life and civilised living standards. The commune will continue to effectively pool private investment resources into sports development and regularly collaborate with sectors and organisations to hold numerous sports competitions and festivals, providing beneficial playgrounds for the public.

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At the National Championship for Stick Pushing and Tug of War in 2024 taking place in Dak Lak recently, a delegation of athletes from Hoa Binh province participated in both events. For stick pushing, they participated in 9 weight categories and won 1 gold medal, 3 silver medals and 2 bronze medals. Notably, the two young athletes who were both born in 2006 are the children of Van Son commune (Lac Son) and have contributed a lot to the province's competition achievements.

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In Thuong Coc commune (Lac Son), there are over 9,000 people, living in 14 hamlets. Recently, the commune has increased propaganda for the people so that they practice physical training and sports to improve health; Each person chooses a suitable sport and type of exercise, creating the healthy living habit. From there, it contributes to improving the physical and mental health, the enthusiasm for production, and joining hands to build an increasingly rich, beautiful, and civilized homeland.

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In the morning of May 15th, the Provincial Confederation of Labor coordinated with the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism to organize the 2024 steam volleyball tournament for workers and civil servantsin Hoa Binh province.

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Recently, Hoa Binh province's sports delegation competed in the 18th National Championship for stick pushing in 2024 and the 12th National Championship for tug-of-war in 2024. Winning the precious medals is the motivation for the coaches and the athletes to continue improving their performance in the coming years.