Implementing criterion number 2 on traffic in building the new rural areas, since 2021, Hòa Bình province has been carrying out the project to harden the rural roads in Hoa Binh province for the period of 2021 - 2025.

Hoa Binh sees safe, effective credit growth

In the first six months of this year, amidst a slow economic recovery and low credit absorption capacity, banks in the province strived to implement solutions aimed at a dual goal of both supporting economic entities with capital difficulties and ensuring safe and efficient credit growth.

Hoa Binh promotes consumption of local women’s product

A market connection programme to push consumption under the theme "women integration for sustainable economic development” was jointly held by Hoa Binh province’s Women’s Union and CARE International Organisation in Vietnam in Hoa Binh city on July 16.

Hoa Binh supports enterprises to accelerate growth in remaining months of 2024

In the first half of 2024, Hoa Binh province granted new business registrations for 210 enterprises with a total registered capital of more than 4.75 trillion VND (187.5 million USD), an increase of 12% year on year, the provincial Department of Planning and Investment has reported.

Hoa Binh province promotes role of working class

The working class in Vietnam in general and Hoa Binh province in particular, has made significant strides in terms of quality and making practical contributions to the country's industrialisation and modernisation process. Establishing a well-organised working class that has professional skills, firm political mettle, capable of leading the innovation process, and actively integrating into global trends of globalisation, is the responsibility of the entire Party and political system. However, there are numerous challenges that hinder the robust development of the working class.

Preferential loans yield fruits

Accessing preferential loans from the Vietnam Bank for Social Policies (VBSP), many households in Tan Lac district have escaped poverty and many students progressed on their quest for knowledge.

Collecting the “sweet fruits” from the preferential capital

The companionship of the preferential loans from the Bank for Social Policies (VBSP) has helped many households in Tan Lac district escape poverty sustainably. Along with that, the policy capital has accompanied with many students in their journey to seek knowledge until they achieve the "sweet fruits”.

Hoa Binh province gets bumper crop

In the 2023-2024 winter-spring crop, despite unfavourable weather conditions and negative impacts of market, Hoa Binh has basically achieved targets and even exceeded the yearly plan due to the fact that production direction and preparation of production material was carried out early.

Nearly 4,700 hectares of land have been consolidated in the whole province

Implementing the criteria on the form of production organization in the program for building New Rural Areas, the Party committees and the provincial authorities at all levels have strengthened the direction and implementation of land consolidation and land exchange.

Hoa Binh tightens management of planting area for agricultural product export

Management of planting area and packaging facility codes is a key point in traceability and geographical indications for a number of major agricultural products of Hoa Binh province in order to meet export conditions. Therefore, issuance of planting area codes as well as good implementation of traceability are identified by the provincial agricultural sector as an opportunity to increase competitiveness of agricultural products in both domestic and export markets.

Hoa Binh promotes startup movement in ethnic minority areas

With numerous concerted and effective solutions, over the recent past, Hoa Binh province has actively supported and promoted the startup movement in ethnic minority areas, thereby spreading the spirit of self-reliance and resilience of local people in investing in building efficient livelihood models.

Hoa Binh always accompanies businesses official

Hoa Binh province always accompanies enterprises, investors and cooperatives to create a favourable and transparent business climate, Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Van Toan affirmed on July 4.

Hoa Binh promotes safe agricultural production

Over the past years, Hoa Binh has issued many documents regarding food safety in the agro-forestry-fisheries sector, and agricultural restructuring.

Hoa Binh activates 77,000 origin traceability stamps for agricultural products

Authorities of Hoa Binh province have activated 77,000 origin traceability stamps for agricultural products with information of their producers being updated on the province’s portal for traceability and supply-demand connection at

Hoa Binh works to promote aquatic resources sustainably

Over the past years, the provincial sub-department of fisheries has coordinated with relevant agencies in implementing solutions to protect, regenerate and restore aquatic resources. Such efforts have contributed to maintaining ecological balance, while creating livelihoods, and bringing economic efficiency to local residents.

Cao Phong district exploits advantages to boost investment attraction

In recent years, alongside with paying attention to infrastructure, high-tech agriculture, services, and tourism development, Cao Phong district has focused on effectively exploiting its advantages to enhance investment attraction.

Hoa Binh, Lam Dong provinces promote trade connectivity

Nearly 30 businesses from Hoa Binh and Lam Dong provinces attended a trade connectivity conference held in Hoa Binh city on June 25 to expand their markets.

Hoa Binh delegation visits Frankfurt to promote investment

Continuing its agenda in Germany, a delegation from Hoa Binh province, led by Permanent Vice Secretary of the provincial Party Committee and Chairman of the provincial People’s Council Bui Duc Hinh, engaged in various investment promotion activities in Frankfurt on June 21.

Hoa Binh province has 210 newly registered businesses

In the first 6 months of 2024, Hoa Binh province has 210 newly registered enterprises with a total registered capital of over 4,750 billion VND, an increase of 12% compared to the same period in 2023. Cumulatively, the whole province has over 4,600 enterprises, with registered charter capital is about 92 trillion VND.

Hoa Binh woos Dutch, German investors

A delegation of the northern province of Hoa Binh led by Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party Committee Bui Duc Hinh, has embarked on a promotion programme in the Netherlands and Germany. Leaders of Dak Nong, Quang Binh, Phu Yen and Ninh Thuan provinces also joined the delegation, along with leaders of some departments and agencies.

Da cam glue - special herbal medicine

Over the past years, all-level Party Committees and authorities in Da Phuc commune, Yen Thuy district, have taken various solutions to reduce poverty sustainably.

The State budget revenue in 5 months has reached nearly 73% of the ordinance estimate

According to the Provincial Tax Department, by the end of May 2024, the province's total state budget revenue was about 2,758.5 billion VND, reaching 72.9% of the ordinance estimate, reaching 50.2% of the Provincial People's Council estimate, equal to 202.3% of that at the same period. Of which, the land use fee collection was about 1,330.9 billion VND, reaching 161.7% of the ordinance estimate, reaching 66.5% of the Provincial People's Council estimate; Tax and fee collection (except the land use fees) was 1,427.7 billion VND, reaching 48.3% of the ordinance estimate, reaching 40.8% of the Provincial People's Council estimate.

The OCOP program raises the level of agricultural products in Kim Boi district

The One Commune One Product (OCOP) program increasingly affirms its important role in enhancing local agricultural products. In Kim Boi district, many policies to support the construction and development of key products, potential and strengths of the locality have been implemented effectively. Since then, local agricultural products have become valuable goods, contributing to improving people's income and lives.

Local man crafts brand of Muong leaf liquor

With love and passion for the rich ethnic cultural heritage, Do Hung from Hoa Binh city's Trung Minh ward, currently working at a provincial administrative agency, has delved into studying the unique fermentation process of the ancient Muong people. He has revived the traditional method of making leaf liquor, creating exquisite beverages imbued with the aromatic flavours and cultural essence of the Muong people's cuisine.