As a first-tier hospital subordinate to the provincial Health Department, the General Hospital of Hoa Binh province has 804 staff members working at 44 departments and divisions. With 850 patient beds, it is currently the leading healthcare institution of the province. Over the recent past, a number of comprehensive measures have been carried out to improve the quality of public health care, said Director of the hospital Nguyen Hoang Dieu.

 Doctors of Intensive Care Department No 1 of the provincial General Hospital consult one another about treatment methods.

During the first nine months of 2023, the bed occupancy rate at the hospital averaged 97%, up over 10% from the same period of 2022. A total of 156,425 patients came to the hospital for check-up, increasing 17.1%. They included 8,481 outpatients, up 26%, and 32,736 inpatients, up 9.7%, with the total days staying at the hospital for treatment rising 15.6% year on year to 224,523.

Emergency aid and treatment have always been carried out in a timely manner. Besides, personnel, medicine, blood, and other supplies for emergency aid have also been guaranteed to stay ready to respond to any circumstances.

Though many difficulties remain, these figures have reflected efforts by the hospital’s staff as well as local people and patients’ trust in the facility, Director Dieu noted.

He said the hospital has succeeded in mastering many difficult techniques used at central-level facilities and received patients and people’s recognition.

Processes at the examination department have been reviewed and improved to create favourable conditions for patients to handle procedures and receive check-ups. The emergency aid system at the hospital’s departments and emergency aid teams have also been consolidated, helping save many patients in critical condition.

Some medical examination and treatment services delivered on demand have also attracted patients. Notably, the General Hospital has invited experts from the Hanoi-based Bach Mai Hospital, Viet Duc Hospital, and National Cancer (K) Hospital to come to perform cardiovascular interventions, digestive endoscopy, and surgeries.

In particular, it has officially applied electronic health records since January 1, 2023 to completely replace paper ones.

Other measures have also been taken to improve specialised activities, Dieu noted, elaborating that the hospital and the Hanoi Medical University Hospital have signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in five areas, namely personnel training, technique transfer, diagnosis and treatment, workshop organisation, and scientific research.

The MoU signing marked a breakthrough in the provincial General Hospital’s cooperation with the Hanoi Medical University and its hospital, thereby improving its staff’s capacity and the quality of healthcare services.

During a recent working session with the Viet Duc Hospital, the Hoa Binh General Hospital also called for assistance in some specialised branches.

Thanks to all-round and practical solutions taken, the quality of medical examination and treatment has been promoted considerably, and the hospital has won the trust of people from different ethnic groups in the province, he added.


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