In 2022, Kim Boi began implementing the national target programme for new-style rural building following the guidelines, instructions, and criteria set for 2021-2025, which include several changes and additions with higher criteria requirements. The district has promptly adapted and mobilised the concerted effort from its entire political system, making notable progress so far.

The Muong Dong com lam (sticky rice cooked in bamboo tubes) product is certified with 3-star OCOP standard. 

The district established a steering committee for the national target programme and a coordination office for new-style rural building. The committee has organised delegations to directly inspect and work with local communes involved, while the office has issued over 170 documents to implement related resolutions, decisions, and regulations. 

The authorities have also organised diverse communications campaigns to inform locals on the works as well as numerous training sessions, seminars, and technology transfer activities related to agricultural production and products under the One Commune, One Product (OCOP) programme. 

According to the Vice Chairman of the Kim Boi People's Committee Tran Tuan Son, currently, 100% of communes in the area have their new-style rural construction planning approved. 

Using available funding sources, the district has to date renovated, upgraded and repaired over 30km of rural roads, 6 km of canals, 8 reservoirs, 37 educational facilities, and 13 community centers, and renewed over 4 km of power lines. 

Focusing on developing production to increase income for residents, the district continues to promote and support the maintenance and development of high-quality products such as oranges, pomelos, dragon fruits, and vegetables meeting VietGAP standards on an area exceeding 310 hectares. It has also worked on keeping and expanding concentrated production areas, while developing linked production models throughout the value chain. 

Currently, there are 30 cooperatives and 17 livestock farms operating stably and efficiently in the district. In addition, criteria related to improved health, education, and culture continue to receive significant attention. 

By the end of this year, Kim Boi aims to have six communes meeting new-style rural standards, including one commune fulfilling the advanced ones, establish a model new-style rural residential area, and introduce two products meeting OCOP standards, among many other goals.

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