Coming to Khuoc hamlet, Cao Son commune (Luong Son), on the days just before Tet, visitors can immerse themselves in the joyful and exciting atmosphere to welcome the new year of local people. In recent years, the hamlet has been given a facelift. To date, the average per capita income has reached 41 million VND (1,680 USD) a year, the rate of poor households has decreased to 0.9%, and locals’ lives have improved continuously. Few people know that Khuoc used to be one of the 36 most difficult hamlets in Hoa Binh province.

Bui Van Thao (left), Khuoc hamlet, Cao Son commune (Luong Son) shares his experience in developing citrus growing model.

Nguyen Huu Mung, Secretary of Khuoc hamlet's party cell, recalled the time before 2019 when there were no roads and it would take nearly two hours to go from the hamlet to the commune's office. Inconvenient roads made people's lives difficult. Transporting goods was mainly by rudimentary methods; locals had to stock up food for the whole week. From the State's support capital, in the 2017 – 2018 period, inter-hamlet roads were built, thus helping change the hamlet’s appearance. New economic models such as growing citrus and forestry trees have been implemented.

The hamlet currently has 54 households with 223 members belonging to the two ethnic groups of Muong and Dao. In 2012, the poverty rate was over 70%.

Benefiting from essential infrastructure projects invested in and built by the State, many local households have implemented economic models suitable to local climate and soil conditions. According to statistics, the area of citrus trees in the locality has expanded by nearly 20 hectares. Some key varieties bring high economic efficiency such as orange V2, green-skinned pomelo, Dien pomelo and longan. In addition, some households have focused on planting and exploiting production forests with a total area of over 30 hectares. Agricultural products are purchased by traders after harvest.

From support resources of the State, the local party committee and authorities have effectively taken advantage of integrated programmes and projects to invest in upgrading essential infrastructure systems. To date, roads in the hamlet have basically been built, 100% of people have gained access to safe water and electricity, and over 85% of households have been recognised as "cultural families". Political security and social order and safety have been maintained.

Bui Minh Chau, Vice Chairperson of the People's Committee of Cao Son commune, said that thanks to the support of the Party and State, the lives of people in Khuoc hamlet have changed for the bettter. In the coming time, the local party committee and authorities will mobilise maximum resources to continue investing in upgrading essential infrastructure systems, assisting locals in changing the structure of crops and livestock to suit the actual conditions at the grassroots. The hamlet is striving to raise per capita income to over 43 million VND this year.

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