Various emulation movements have been rolled out in Mai Chau district of Hoa Binh province over the past years, encouraging local farmers to promote business and production for sustainable poverty alleviation as well as restructuring of crops and livestock for better incomes. The movements have attracted enthusiastic response from members of the district farmers’ union, particularly ethnic people.


A farmer in Van Mai commune of Mai Chau district has gained better income thanks to crop restructuring.

Ha Van Sem, a Thai ethnic minority man in Na Chieng hamlet, Na Phon commune, was named as one of the 100 most excellent farmers in the country in 2023. He began his tourism business in 2017 then decided to expand to high-end resort model by building more stilt houses and facilities to serve tourists with concessional loans from the local authorities. He now owns a spacious homestay with quality accommodations that fetch 2 million VND (78.6 USD) per day and night for each stilt house.

Sem said thanks to support from the local sectors, especially the farmers’ unions at all levels, he had opportunities to engage in several vocational training courses on tour guides, restaurant management, cooking and market demand.

During 2021-2023, his homestay gained an average of 1.3 billion VND in revenue and up to 800 million VND in profit a year.

Over the past time, the district farmers’ union has worked closely with its members so as to provide them with rational support measures for their business development. It has encouraged local farmers to join the excellent household business movement and the emulation movement to build new-style rural areas.

The farmers’ unions at all levels have joined hands with competent authorities to arrange training courses on the transfer of the state-of-the-art science technology to members, as well as field trips to farms with outstanding agricultural models, while supporting the farmers with capital goods and concessional loans.

With the movement of excellent farmers with role models of production and business put in place, many farmers have applied technological advances into production, helping them gain up to 1 billion VND in revenue a year.

According to Chairman of the district farmers’ union Pham The Anh, many good economic models have been developed since the movement was rolled out, helping to improve the livelihoods of the ethnic minority people and shortening economic development gap between areas in the district.


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