Thanks to drastic measures, Hoa Binh’s sport sector has undergone a significant transformation, excelling not only in high-performance but also in the mass sports movement.

Hoa Binh successfully hosts the 37th national championship for mountain bike and road cycling in 2023. The mountain biking athletes deliver outstanding performances during the competition.

With proper attention and investments in recent years, the sector has left a distinctive mark, gradually elevating its position on the national sports stage. The most evident proof is the improved performance of the provincial sports team, with many athletes being called up to the junior and national teams. Last year, the provincial sports delegations competed in 28 regional and national sports tournaments, securing a total of 22 golds, 25 silvers and 50 bronzes.

To gain pride-worthy achievements in high-performance sports, the positive contributions of the sport talent training school cannot be overlooked. Last year, the school focused on improving the quality of seven sports talent classes during the 2022-2023 school year, and signed contracts with 15 athletes to compete for the provincial team.

In parallel with high-performance sports, the mass sports movement also spread widely. Physical training has become an indispensable activity in the daily lives of many people. As a result, the province has a regular physical exercise rate of 36.2% among the population, with 27% of the households joining sports activities. There are 836 sports clubs and 475 instructors involved in physical training. Throughout the year, there were over 440 sports competitions organised from the provincial to grassroots level. At the 13th National Ethnic Minorities Sports Festival for Region I, the province secured 8 golds, 3 silvers and 11 bronzes, ranking third overall. These physical training and sports activities have created a healthy and beneficial playground, contributing to improving health, enriching cultural and spiritual life, and serving as a crucial foundation to discover and nurture many young and promising talents.

In addition, there has been a focus on investing in infrastructure, fields, and training equipment to contribute to the development of mass sports movement in each locality. The provincial stadium was equipped with 4 floodlight towers, LED floodlights, transformer stations to provide power for the lighting system and other auxiliary loads, catering to national sports competitions and provincial events. The provincial swimming pool received budget funds for renovations, repairs to the grandstand area, the main pool, water supply and drainage systems, pumps, among others.

As the grassroots sport TDTT workforce play an important role in the mass sports movement, the provincial Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism always creates opportunities for officials and civil servants to attend training courses and improve their professional skills.

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