In 2023, the province's movement of mass physical training and sports has achieved many important results. Thư number of people practicing sports regularly, the number of the sports households, the number of the sports clubs at the grassrootsn and the number of the sports collaborators have all met and exceeded the assigned targets. This achievement has a significant contribution from Tan Lac district.

A match at the Youth Volleyball Tournament in Thanh Hoi, Tu Ne, Dong Lai, Ngoc My communes, Tan Lac district in 2023.


In recent times, the sports movement has always received attention from the district and it has beeb widely developing. The simple and popular forms of physical exercise such as walking, calisthenics, badminton, martial arts, volleyball, football... have all been attracting the participation of a large number of people. Thereby, it has been creating a healthy and beneficial physical training environment, contributing to enhancing health and improving the cultural and spiritual life of the people...

According to Mr. Bui Minh Hong, the Head of Tan Lac’s Department of Culture and Sports, the campaign "All people do exercises following the great example of Uncle Ho” has always been paid attention to effective implementing by Party committees and the authorities at all levels. To promote the extensive development of the movement of sports practice, the district has synchronously implemented the solutions, including strengthening propaganda to raise the awareness and encouraging the people to regularly participate in the cultural and artistic activities, and sports; Encouraging the people to choose a suitable sport to practice. Sports activities not only improve the health but they also create a joyful and exciting atmosphere, tighten the solidarity, build a healthy lifestyle, and contribute to developing the local and social economy and culture... 

Last year, Tan Lac district organized many sports tournaments including crossbow shooting, tug of war, stick pushing, table tennis, Chinese chess, volleyball, swimming, marathon; Maintaining the traditional sports tournaments: marathon, swimming. Tan Lac District ‘s Competition of Folk Dance Sports in 2023 was held for the first time, creating a healthy and joyful playground, promoting the development of the mass sports movement, especially the movement of sports folk dance. The district successfully organized the Launching Ceremony of "All people do exercises following the great example of the Uncle Ho”, Olympic Running Day for the health of all people, the Month of sports activities for everyone in Tan Lac district in 2023; opening 2 swimming classes for all ages. At the same time, the district fully participated in the province's sports tournaments. Thanks to well maintaining the mass sports movement from the grassroots, Tan Lac district always has an abundant source of talented and promising athletes, competing with good results at the sports tournaments at the provincial level. In 2023, the district won 11 gold medals, 7 silver medals, 4 bronze medals. Many sports talents of the district participated in the provincial sports delegation of Hoa Binh to compete in a number of regional and national sports tournaments...

In recent years, the system of cultural and sports institutions, facilities, and training equipment have been invested, basically meeting the people's training needs. To "keep the fire” of the sports activities at the grassroots level, the district also maintains and replicates the sports clubs, the teams, and groups. Currently, there are 77 sports clubs in the whole district. Most of the clubs have been actively operating, regularly participating in the exchanges and competitions. Among them, it is impossible not to mention the district’s Karate Club. Recently, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism has coordinated with the Provincial Karate Federation to organize the 4th Provincial Championship of Karate Clubs in 2023 with the participation of 23 Karate Clubs in the province. At the tournament, Tan Lac district’s Karate Club excellently won the first prize for the whole group with a record of 31 gold medals, 23 silver medals, 21 bronze medals. This is an impressive achievement of the athletes. 

In addition, they have been strengthening the professional guidance for the officials working in grassroots culture and sports. Along with the mass physical training movement, the sports in schools are also increasingly developing, contributing to training the health and realizing the goal of the comprehensive education for the students in schools. 

Thanks to good maintenance and widespread development of the movement, the targets for developing mass sports in Tan Lac district has reached and exceeded the set plan. In 2023, in the entire district there were 32,265 people doing exercises and practicing sports regularly, reaching 101% of the plan; There were 5,916 households meeting the criteria for the sports families, reaching 103% of the plan; The sports collaborators were 42 people.

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