Every time when Tet and Spring appears, creating a joyful and bustling atmosphere, national sports competitions are indispensable activities and they become a characteristic of each locality. Among the traditional sports of Thanh Hoi commune (Tan Lac), crossbow shooting is considered a key sport, attracting a lot of participants.

The crossbow shooting tournament in the residential area of Cu hamlet, Thanh Hoi commune (Tan Lac) has attracted the participation of a large number of people.

Along with a number of traditional sports such as tug of war, stick pushing..., crossbow shooting plays an important role in the spiritual life of the ethnic minorities in Thanh Hoi commune, and it has been paid attention to by the Party Committee and authorities, creating conditions for development.

Every year, on holidays, New Year and the major anniversaries of the country, the commune organizes crossbow shooting tournaments, both to attract the participation of the people in practice, develop the sports movements, and build a spiritual and culture life, and to select the talented athletes to compete in the tournaments of the district’s and province’s level. Mr. Bui Van Khoa from Dong hamlet says: Crossbow shooting is a sport that many people are passionate about and practice because it is closely associated with the people's lives. Since I was a child, I have seen my grandfather and father make and use crossbows for hunting and as defensive weapons and home decorations. To make a crossbow is also very complicated. Normally, crossbows are made entirely by hand from wood and it is nêcsary to choose good wood. The process of carving is meticulous and time-consuming. Therefore, for the enthusiasts, many crossbows are preserved, considered as treasures, of great value, some crossbows are considered the "priceless” goods.

It is known that Mr. Khoa is one of the five typical athletes of Thanh Hoi commune in crossbow shooting. For many years, he has participated in the crossbow shooting tournaments from the commune’s level to the district’s one and the provincial level and he has achieved many high achievements. In 2019, he and his teammates won the first prize in the provincial crossbow shooting tournament; In 2022, he won the second prize at the provincial level. In addition, he also won many individual awards at the district’s and commune’s levels for crossbow shooting. Besides Mr. Khoa, there are many people in the commune who are proficient and passionate about crossbow shooting. As a traditional sport, a strength of the locality, when the commune organizes a tournament, it attracts a large number of people not only in the commune but also in neighboring communes and districts to watch and cheer. In the coming time, the commune will continue to create conditions to build playgrounds, training grounds, and organize many physical training and sports activities to increasingly attract the people’s participation in practicing and developing the movement. During the organization of the tournament, security and safety are always emphasized by the commune, because this is a dangerous sport, only athletes with good skills are allowed to participate in the competition.

Mr. Bui Van Tu, the Vice Chairman of Thanh Hoi People's Committee, says: Crossbow shooting is one of the traditional national sports and it is a competition subject in the national sports tournaments. To preserve and promote this sport, every year, the commune organizes many traditional sports competitions, attracting the participation of a large number of people. In addition to crossbow shooting, there are also other sports and folk games such as stick pushing, tug of war, sack jumping, cotton ball throwing... The sports activities are organized in the early spring, during Tet days, festival..., creating a joyful and bustling atmosphere. This is not only an opportunity to compete, practice health, dexterity and agility, but it also helps strengthen the community bonds, conserve, preserve and develop the national sports.

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