(HBO) – Over the years, Da Bac district has focused on mobilising investment resources for the development of rural infrastructure system, including transport, irrigation and school systems. However, the locality has still faced many difficulties in standardising all infrastructure works.

The medical station of Hien Luong in Da Bac was built in 2005 and is downgrading.

A report from the People’s Committee of Da Bac province showed that at the end of 2022, four communes in the district completed all the 19 criteria for a new-style rural area. Hien Luong is one of the four.

Today, Hien Luong has changed dramatically, with a wide road from Da Bac township to the commune. In 2005, the medical station of Hien Luong was built. The two-storey building has seriously downgraded, with the first storey being out of use.

Dinh Thi Thu Ha, head of the Hien Luong medical station, said that currently, each month, the facility receives more than 100 patients, but the infrastructure of the station has downgraded, affecting the medical service quality. She underlined the need to invest in upgrading the equipment for the station to ensure that its medical services meet the standards.

like Hien Luong, Toan Son commune, which was recognised as a new-style rural area in 2020, has seen the degradation of many infrastructure works. Head of Tra village in Toan Son said that locals hope that the administration will upgrade its culture house to provide a venue for their gatherings.

In 2022, Da Bac launched and completed the construction of a number of transport and cultural projects, and mobilised about 12.4 billion VND (528,739 USD) for the construction of irrigation works. However, to date, only six out of the 16 local communes have completed the transport criteria, while four have met the criteria on cultural infrastructure.

In the time to come, the district will focus on mobilising more resources for the completion of criteria of the new-style rural area building programme, especially in transport infrastructure, irrigation, schools, health care stations, clean water and environment./.

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