(HBO) - There is only 2 weeks left to Lunar New Year, 2023. The government and the appropriate authorities are actively implementing the plans to serve the local people to enjoy the spring and celebrate Tet holidays. The roads, the residential areas and the public areas in Hoa Binh city are brightly decorated with flowers, flags, banners, slogans, flower beds and ornamental plants. All the work is speeded up to serve the people to welcome a joyful and warm spring.

The area of Hoa Binh Square is planted with brilliant flowers to welcome the new spring.

Hoa Binh Urban Environment joint Stock Company, which is the main unit in the implementation of urban embellishment work in the city, has mobilized the maximum human resources and the specialized equipment to deploy the plan to serve Lunar New Year, 2023. The workers have been mobilized to plant flowers and trim the ornamental plants on the roads and the key areas of Hoa Binh city.

Ms. Nhu Thi Binh, a worker from the Environmental Sanitation Team No. 2, Hoa Binh Urban Environment joint Stock Company and her colleagues have urgently planted and completed the flower beds in the area of Da River. Ms. Binh says: These days,the workers in the team and other offices of the company work with a high sense of responsibility. The planting of decorative flowers in the area of Da River has been basically completed so far. Before Tet, the colorful flowers welcoming the spring serve the people. Not only the area along the banks of Da River, the area of Hoa Binh Square, Tran Hung Dao Street but also many other routes are being planted with colorful ornamental flowers. The company has also been painting the tree roots, lighting electricity, cleaning the roads and the residential areas, and regularly washing the streets...

Mr. Tran Ngoc Dung, the Head of Planning Department (Hoa Binh Urban Environment joint Stock Company) says: Over the past time, the company has continued focusing on investing heavily in equipment, machinery, layout and rearrangement of human resources, increasing working overtime to ensure the progress of the plan to serve the approaching Lunar New Year. Along with the regular garbage collection and transportation, ensuring that no garbage is left overnight, the company has mobilized the manpower and equipment to urgently deploy the plans to serve Lunar New Year. Accordingly, we have planted new flowers on 5 round basins, 2 triangular islands and 1 U-shaped basin at the median of Tran Hung Dao street; 1 traffic island on Chi Lang street; decorating the flower pots at the headquarters: the Provincial Party Committee, the People's Council, the Provincial People's Committee, the Provincial Fatherland Front, the City Party Committee, the People's Committee of Hoa Binh City, the city’s symbol. We have been trimming the existing ornamental trees and foliage carpets on the medians Tran Hung Dao, Chi Lang, Huu Nghi, Thinh Lang, Hoang Van Thu, Truong Han Sieu, Tran Quy Cap, and Dinh Tien Hoang roads. We have been weeding the sidewalks of Huu Nghi, Thinh Lang, Dinh Tien Hoang, Truong Han Sieu, Tran Quy Cap, An Duong Vuong roads. We have been lawn mowing on Tran Hung Dao, Chi Lang, Truong Han Sieu, Tran Quy Cap roads. We have been whitewashing the green trees on Cu Chinh Lan, Tran Hung Dao, Chi Lang, An Duong Vuong, Hoang Van Thu, Phung Hung, Dinh Tien Hoang roads...

The work has ensured the schedule up till now. Along with that, the company has basically completed the removal of land and construction waste, repaired the potholes on the roads, repaired and replaced the lighting system, decorated the road electricity, and well operated the public lighting system to serve the needs of the city's officials and people to welcome spring.

Mr. Nguyen Huu Luyen, the Vice Chairman of Hoa Binh City’s People's Committee says: The City’s People's Committee has issued the Official Letter No. 08/UBND-QLDT, dated on January 4, 2023 on implementing the service work for Lunar New Year, 2023. Accordingly, in order to ensure good environmental sanitation, lighting, decorative electricity, flowers, trees, traffic and urban cemeteries during Lunar New Year and the spring festivals in 2023, the city has assigned the specific tasks to the departments, divisions, units, People's Committees of the communes and the wards to develop and implement the plans to serve the People to celebrate Tet based on their functions and tasks. The urban embellishment is of particular interest. The progress of the urban decoration is implemented according to the plan. This year, the city focuses on the investment resources, the urban embellishment, putting many projects into operation and building a civilized, modern and unique Hoa Binh city. Some communes and wards have mobilized and oriented the people to actively participate in cleaning, planting the national flags, decorating clean and beautiful houses.

In particular, the city is urgently implementing the project of developing the night economy, renovating, planting flowers and ornamental plants, building a pedestrian street along the bank of Da River, trying to complete the main items before Tet to serve the officers and the people. In addition, it is necessary to coordinate in the installation of panels, signs, mascot symbols in Hoa Binh Square, panels and signs in the central areas of the city. The city has coordinated with the related units to organize activities ensuring the security and order, organizing the market of spring flowers, the fireworks, the cultural and sports activities to celebrate the new spring so that the employees and the people can enjoy and celebrate Tet holidays with joy, health and peace.


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