(HBO) – The Thuong Tien Nature Reserve in Kim Boi district, home to a diversity of rare plant and animal species, is precious potential the nature blesses on Hop Tien commune, but such potential has yet to be tapped into. Given this, Hop Tien is now in need of assistance to make breakthroughs in socio-economic development and improvement of people’s material and spiritual lives.


Residents in Hop Tien commune (Kim Boi district) have been developing apiculture with the hope of turning local forest honey into a four-star product under the One Commune, One Product (OCOP) programme of Hoa Binh province.

Bui Van Noi, Secretary of the Hop Tien communal Party Committee, said more than one-third of the 1,205 local households with 5,407 people are poor or near poor. Locals depend mainly on agriculture to earn their living. However, most of the farmland is terraced fields, making it hard for applying scientific and technical advances, animal farming is still in a small scale, while the majority of forestry land is under "keo” (Acacia) trees that do not generate much profit.

Per capita income in Hop Tien reached just 27.3 million VND (1,160 USD) in 2022. Over 72% of the local population are of working age, but the number of trained or skillful labourers remains modest.

With the aspiration for escaping poverty and capitalising on local potential and advantages, the commune has been exerting efforts to encourage locals to restructure plant and animal farming, attract investment, and develop tourism, Noi said.

He elaborated that making use of the vast special-used forest, local residents have boosted beekeeping. In 2022, honey of the Thuong Tien Cooperative of Agricultural Services in Hop Tien was recognised as a three-star OCOP product by the Hoa Binh provincial People’s Committee.

To carry out crop restructuring, they have converted low-effect rice farming areas into those for cultivating nut trees. Last year, the local nut tree area reached 601ha, producing 21,000 tonnes of nuts with a value three or even four times higher than rice cultivation.

Aside from its own efforts, Hop Tien has also benefited from support from many agencies and units, including the Hoa Binh Newspaper. As assigned by the provincial People’s Committee, the newspaper has worked to assist the particularly disadvantaged commune of Thuong Tien, now Hop Tien, since 2018.

As the official organ of the province, the Hoa Binh Newspaper has coordinated with Hop Tien authorities to disseminate the Party’s guidelines and the State’s policies on new-style rural area building. It has also introduced outstanding economic models, good exemplars, and role models in the Party building, socio-economic development, and defence - security safeguarding, thereby encouraging natives to contribute to local development.

Thanks to support from other units and private sources, the newspaper has also delivered much material and spiritual aid worth billions of VND in total to residents in Hop Tien.

With concrete, practical, and effective assistance, the Hoa Binh Newspaper has helped the communal Party organisation, administration, and people to surmount difficulties. Per capita income increased almost 2.5-fold in four years, from 11.8 million VND in 2018.

However, at a working session between leaders of the Hoa Binh Newspaper and permanent members of the Hop Tien Party Committee in early 2023, the two sides admitted that much potential still needs to be capitalised on. In particular, boasting a cool climate, fresh environment, and pristine beauty, Hop Tien is completely able to promote green tourism and the cultivation of cardamom and medicinal plant in forest.

They held that with proper investment, intrinsic strength, and local residents’ strong will, the commune will thrive in the near future.


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