With a large natural forest area and wide forest coverage, Hoa Binh province boasts considerable potential and advantages for developing forest-based economic activities. This is also an appropriate direction for building a sustainable and environmentally-friendly economy.

Lac Thuy district currently accommodates many "keo lai” (Acacia hybrid) processing workshops which have helped raise the economic value of planted forests. (Photo taken in An Binh commune).

 Forest rangers of Hoa Binh province and Cao Phong district on patrol in Thach Yen commune.

With the province’s forest coverage of more than 51%, forest not only serves as a "lung” but also plays a significant role in protecting the environment, guaranteeing water and energy security, preventing and controlling floods, and ensuring safety for the Red River Delta, including Hanoi capital. It creates challenges as well as major advantages for the local economy, culture, and society to develop fast and sustainably.

Over the past years, all-level Party committees and administrations have identified protecting and sustainably developing forest as one of the strategic tasks. To do that, Hoa Binh has worked to fruitfully carry out the Government’s support policies.

The province has properly made payments for forest environmental services, thus substantially contributing to socio-economic development. Thanks to the payments, the persons in charge of forest protection and development gain another source of income while forest owners and managing units have more funding for forest and infrastructure development.

At present, 116,037ha of local forest are entitled to payments for forest environmental services which were valued at over 21.5 billion VND (845,900 USD) in 2023.

In particular, to help improve the productivity and quality of production forest, Hoa Binh is implementing a project on forest protection and development at a total cost of 127.6 billion VND.

Nguyen Huu Tai, head of the province’s forest protection division, said thanks to the effective implementation of support mechanisms and policies, Hoa Binh has basically managed to maintain the natural forest area and expand the cultivated one.

The area zoned for forestry now spans about 294,183ha, 236,919ha of which are under forest (comprising 141,614 ha of natural forest and 95,305ha of planted forest).

Covering 51.61% of Hoa Binh’s area, forest is present in 149 communes, wards, and townships of 10 district-level localities. The protected area has contributed to effective forest-based economic growth.

Tai said there are about 16,000ha of planted forest granted the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certificates.

In Resolution No. 27-NQ/TU, dated July 30, 2020, of the provincial Party Committee’s Standing Board, Hoa Binh targets 50% and over 80% of the cultivated production forest area granted the FSC certificates by 2025 and 2030, respectively.

To that end, it is boosting the dissemination of the State’s regulations on building and implementing sustainable forest management plans, making assessment of and maintaining the eligibility for the FSC certificates, and encouraging businesses holding economic and technical strengths to coordinate with forest owners to apply for the certificates, he added.


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