Mai Chau realises resolution on tourism development

(HBO) – After five years of implementing a resolution on turning Mai Chau into a national tourist destination in 2020 with a vision to 2030, positive signs have been seen in the district's tourism development.

Son Thuy – an attractive destination for tourists

(HBO) – As the COVID-19 pandemic has been gradually controlled, more and more tourists have chosen Son Thuy commune in Mai Chau district as a destination for their holidays, with the number of visitors to the locality since the beginning of this year estimated at 20,000.

The province's tourism sites and attractions attract visitors during the holiday of September 2nd

(HBO) - The holiday of September 2nd lasts 4 days in the condition of cool weather, which is suitable for the people to find and choose a destination to rest and relax. With the advantage of being close to Hanoi capital, the beautiful natural scenery, the unique indigenous culture and many tour packages, attractive routes, the province's tourism sites and attractions have attracted a large number of domestic and international tourists

Hoa Binh’s tourism sees impressive recovery after pandemic

(HBO) - Hoa Binh’s tourism sector has recorded an impressive recovery from the second quarter of 2022.

Da Bac district strives to tap tourism potential

(HBO) - Da Bac district has majestic natural landscapes and is home to five ethnic groups namely Muong, Tay, Dao, Kinh and Thai. Each group has its own unique cultural identities that have created peaceful and beautiful villages which are favourable for developing community-based cultural tourism.

Immersing yourself in the natural scenery of Ho Tam

(HBO) - Possessing a charming natural landscape, the cool air with flowers and ornamental plants, the swimming pools, the artificial paths..., Ho Tam home stay in Cao Son commune (Da Bac) has been known as is an attractive tourism destination for a long time.

Deploying the tourism work in the last months of the year

(HBO) - In Tan Lac district, the Provincial Tourism Steering Committee held a conference to evaluate the tourism work in the first 6 months of the year, deploying the tasks in the last 6 months of 2022. Mr. Nguyen Van Toan, the Vice Chairman of Provincial People's Committee, the Head of Provincial Tourism Committee chaired the conference.

Exploring the ancient archaeological site of Tam cave

(HBO) - In the last days of July, we had the opportunity to visit the ancient archaeological site of Tam cave, in Lam Son commune (Luong Son). The cave is located in a double mountain with 2 parallel tops, standing independently, there is a stream flowing near the mouth of the cave. Tam cave is the residential place of the people in the stone age of Hoa Binh culture.

Mai Chau district strives to become attractive, hospitable, safe tourist destination

(HBO) – Developing Mai Chau into a key tourism area and an attractive, hospitable and safe travel destination of Hoa Binh province is part of the targets set at the 26th Party Congress of the district for the 2020 - 2025 tenure. Dinh Duc Lan, member of the provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the district Party Committee, has granted an interview about the issue to the Hoa Binh Newspaper.

Attracting over 291 thousand turns of visitors and tourists

(HBO) - According to the statistics, in the first 6 months of the year, there have been 291,090 turns of visitors and tourists coming to Mai Chau district, increasing 23,087 turns of visitors compared to that of the same period in 2021. Of which, there have been 286,869 turns of domestic tourists and 4,221 turns of international visitors. The total revenue in the tourism sector has been estimated at over 332 billion VND, increasing 110 billion VND compared to that of the same period in 2021.

The professional training for 37 paragliding instructors nationwide

(HBO) - From July 9 to 13, in Hoa Binh city, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism hosted a professional training course for the paragliding instructors nationwide in 2022. There were 37 people from the paragliding clubs across the country participating in this course.

Hoa Binh boosts sustainable development of "smokeless" industry after COVID-19

(HBO) – Hoa Binh tourism sector has bounced back impressively after COVID-19, welcoming 1.68 million visitors in the first half of this year, including 60,000 foreigners, completing 65.1% of its target for the whole year.

Suoi Hoa – a destination worth a visit

(HBO) – Suoi Hoa commune, formerly called Ngoi Hoa, in Tan Lac district is located in the core of the Hoa Binh Lake tourism zone. It is home to Ngoi Hoa Bay that stretches thousands of hectares and boasts beautiful natural landscapes, including a vast and tranquil lake area, which can charm anyone who loves to travel and explore.

1.68 million turns off visitors have been welcomes in the whole province

(HBO) - In the first months of the year, the province's tourism business has had many positive starting points. Notably, after the tourism reopened, many localities in the province have simultaneously applied and implemented the programs to attract visitors to the tourism areas and attractions.

Enjoying the beautiful scenery of Suoi Hoa

(HBO) - Ngoi Hoa, now it is Suoi Hoa commune (Tan Lac) is not ashamed to be the land in the master plan of the tourism area within Hoa Binh lake. Ngoi Hoa Bay is thousands of hectares wide, with Tien lake, Tien cave, the beautiful scenery, nature, mountains, and calm lake water that captivates anyone who likes to experience and explore.

Mountain snails – specialty of Hoa Binh province

(HBO) – Mountain snails are a specialty of Hoa Binh province during the rainy season. Local residents have to face dangers when climbing up high mountains to search for the mollusk, which, however, gives them high income.

Experiencing the attractive tourism destinations and products in Hoa Binh city

(HBO) - Tourism in Hoa Binh city is flourishing. A number of new eco-tourism areas and resorts have appeared. They are Sojo, Hasu Village, Onsen Villa, etc. these tourism destinations have been attracting tourists thanks to the diverse, unique products of high quality.

The 1st Congress of Tourism Association, term 2022 – 2027 in Da Bac district

(HBO) - On June 22nd, at Xoan - Retreat tourism area in Da Bac, Mo hamlet, Hien Luong commune, AOP project management board of Da Bac district held the first Congress of Tourism Association, term 2022 - 2027 in Da Bac district.

Da Trang Pass - an attractive destination for tourists

(HBO) - Da Trang pass in Phu Cuong commune (Tan Lac) has an altitude of more than 1,000 meters above the sea level, the climate is cool, there are winds that soothe the sweltering heat of the summer day in June. There are busy tourism bus riding one after another stopping at this place to explore the natural beauty, breathing in the fresh air and saving the beautiful moments together in the Northwest mountains.

Community tourism in Da Bac has been transforming after the pandemics

(HBO) - After 2 years of being interrupted by Covid-19 pandemics, the activiries of community tourism in Da Bac district have been positively recovering. The potentials of the ecological landscape and the cultural identity of Muong, Dao and Tay ethnic groups have been promoted. There are a lot of efforts in improving the facilities and the quality of tourism services in the destinations.

Exploiting the natural advantages, the landscape and the culture to develop tourism

(HBO) - As a land of interference between the mountains and the Delta of the Red River, being adjacent to the capital Hanoi, our province has a diverse and unique culture of the ethnic minority community. Besides, the province has the beautiful natural landscapes such as Hoa Binh lake, Kim Boi hot mineral spring, Doi Thung in Quy Hoa commune (Lac Son)... The community tourism villages in Mai Chau and Da Bac districts are the great potential for developing the diferent types of eco-tourism, culture and community tourism. Over the past time, the province has had many specific initiatives to attract investment and exploit that advantage to develop green, sustainable and safe tourism.

Different ways to reach destinations in Hoa Binh Lake tourist area

(HBO) - With the current convenient transport conditions, it takes tourists just over 1 hour to travel from Hanoi to Hoa Binh city by car or motorbike. The journey to discover attractive tourist destinations, including the Hoa Binh lake tourist area, begins here.

Breathtaking beauty of Thac Bo Cave

(HBO) - Thac Bo Cave is not only an attractive site of spiritual tourism in the festive season but also a renowned destination in tours of the Da River reservoir.