(HBO) - Tourism associations and companies from the northern provinces of Son La, Dien Bien, Lai Chau, and Ha Noi have visited Hoa Binh to survey tourism products in the province in a bid to promote tourism links among the localities.

Promoting tourism human resource development

(HBO) – Implementing Action Programme No. 15- CTr/TU dated September 22, 2017 of the Standing Board of the provincial Party Committee on the performance of the Politburo’s Resolution No. 08-NQ/TW dated January 16, 2017 on turning tourism into a spearhead economic sector in the 2017- 2022 period, Hoa Binh province has promoted the development of human resources for the tourism industry and organised training courses to improve professional skills for state management officials and tourism companies.

Mascot displayed in Hoa Binh to welcome Lunar New Year

(HBO) – Symbols of cats, the mascot of the upcoming Lunar New Year, are being displayed at Hoa Binh Square in the northern mountainous province of Hoa Binh to welcome the most important and longest festival of Vietnamese in a year.

Hoa Binh – an attractive destination

(HBO) - In 2022, Hoa Binh tourism has been impressively recovered. The message "Hoa Binh, the safe touristm destination – the complete experience” has strongly spread not only to domestic tourists but also to international ones. The mạestic natural landscape, the rich and diverse cultural identity bearing with the imprints of Hoa Binh Culture, together with the activities of the new tourism sites and attractions of high quality have attracted a large number of tourists.

Lac Thuy district has been deploying the festival and tourism activities in 2023

(HBO) - In the afternoon of December 22, the People's Committee of Lac Thuy district held a conference to summarize the work of festivals and tourism in 2022, and to implement festival and tourism activities in 2023.

Kim Boi has gradually been realizing the dream of a “paradise” of ressort and experience

(HBO) - Referring to Kim Boi, many people immediately think of it as a place with the abundant hot mineral water, beautiful natural scenery and massive folklore treasures of the ancient Muong Dong residents. For many years, Kim Boi district has made efforts to turn the potentials into advantages for tourism development. Currently, the district has shortened the route to build a "paradise” of resorts and experience, learning about the cultural identity to promote tourism.

Famtrip delegation has surveyed and experienced the products of sports and tourism within the area of Hoa Binh Lake

(HBO) - From December 5 to 7, the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism welcomed the Famtrip delegation from Hanoi to survey and experience the products of sports and tourism within the tourism area of Hoa Binh Lake. The Famtrip delegation includes the representatives from the travel companies, the reporters from the central and provincial press agencies.

Dao village of Sung hamlet - stepping through the safe zone

(HBO) - Hiding oneself at the foot of Bieu mountain, surrounded by old forests, Dao village of Sung hamlet in Cao Son commune (Da Bac) used to be a separate village from the outside. However, now Sung is one of the first four community tourism villages in Da Bac district attracting tourists to visit and explore. One day of experience in Sung hamlet, to have that strong transformation, for each Dao person here is not only a story of tourism but it is also an effort to step through the safe zone to successfully break through.

Opening Retreat resort in Luong Son

(HBO) - On December 10, Retreat Resort in Luong Son, in Dong Bung village, Nhuan Trach commune (Luong Son) officially opened, placing more marks on the tourism development in the district.

Vietnam Scientist Heritage Park connects past and future

(HBO) - Invested by MED-GROUP Medical Group, the mission of the Vietnam Scientists Heritage Center and the Vietnam Scientists Heritage Park (MEDDOM) is researching, collecting, preserving and promoting the heritage of scientists in Vietnam.

Surveying and evaluating the tourism resources of the destinations within the area of Hoa Binh lake

(HBO) - On November 7, a delegation surveying and evaluating the tourism resources chaired by the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism collaborated with the Provincial Tourism Association, a number of tourism businesses and foreign experts to survey the places with the potential for developing new tourism products in Tan Lac and Cao Phong districts.

Training English and communication skills on the rural tourism services

(HBO) - On November 8, in Lac Son district, the provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism held the opening of a training course on English and communication skills on OCOP rural tourism services in 2022. There was the attentionn of the representatives of the district’s People's Committee, the officials from the departments and the appropriate authorities of the district and 25 leaners, the households doing community tourism in Tu Do commune.

Hoa Binh Lake tourism rebounds

(HBO) – The living standards of people in the Hoa Binh Lake area have been improved, reflecting changes in tourism activities in Cao Phong, Mai Chau, Da Bac, and Tan Lac districts and Hoa Binh city.

The beauty of the ancient land

(HBO) - There are 4 national monuments in the land of Cao Son (formerly it was Cao Ram commune) in Luong Son district. They include Cho cave, Sang cave, Man Nguyen cave, Khu Thuong cave... This place not only contains many vestiges of the ancients but it still preserves the community culture for generations.

Mai Chau district: Welcoming over 52,000 turns of tourists

(HBO) -According to statistics, in October 2022, it is estimated that Mai Cha district welcomed turns of 52,256 visitors. In which, there were 2,850 turns of international visitors, and that of domestic tourists wass 49,406 turns. The total revenue from tourism was estimated at 59,728 million VND.

Attractive destinations in Hoa Binh city

(HBO) – Aside from the newly launched paragliding service, Hoa Binh city also boasts many attractive destinations for domestic and international visitors such as the Hoa Binh hydropower plant, the monument of late President Ho Chi Minh at the plant, the provincial museum, the Museum of the Muong Cultural Space, and the Museum of the Muong Cultural Heritage.

Kayak race on Da River helps promote local tourism

(HBO) – The People’s Committee of Da Bac district on October 22 organised a Kayak race on the Da River and a walk in Ke hamlet, Hien Luong commune, as part of the activities promoting tourism in Da Bac district, Hoa Binh province.

Mai Chau valley attractive to domestic, international visitors

(HBO) - Standing at the Mai Chau Flagpole on Thung Khe Pass looking down, visitors can view the entire Mai Chau valley before entering the journey to explore tourist areas in Mai Chau district – a destination not to be missed for those who love sightseeing, resting and learning about culture.

Tan Lac district develops tourism in sustainable direction

(HBO) - Boasting diverse natural and cultural tourism resources, the three highland communes of Van Son, Quyet Chien, Ngo Luong in Tan Lac district are gradually exploiting their tourism potential and advantages. Recently, the province has issued a resolution and a plan on turning these localities into a provincial tourist area by 2030, with a vision to 2050.

Discovering the beauty of Mai Chau valley

(HBO) - Standing at the Mai Chau Flagpole on Thung Khe Pass to look down, visitors can see the entire Mai Chau valley before entering the journey to explore the tourist area of Mai Chau district - a destination that is not to be missed for those who love sightseeing, resting and learning about culture.

Hoa Binh province preserves traditional cultural values for tourism development

(HBO) – Sung hamlet of Da Bac district’s Cao Son commune is home to more than 70 Dao ethnic minority households.

Hoa Binh lake tourist site striving to basically meet criteria of national tourism site by 2025

(HBO) - The Standing Board of the provincial Party Committee has just issued Conclusion No. 800-KL/TU, dated September 28, 2022, on the preliminary review of the five-year implementation of Resolution No. 14-NQ/TU, dated June 22, 2017, on the development of Hoa Binh lake tourism site into a national-level one.

Pa Co commune’s unique tourism products attract visitors

(HBO) – Since 2008, Pa Co commune in Mai Chau district has become a vibrant tourist destination, attracting a large number of domestic and international travelers thanks to its unique and attractive products.