Since the 20-km-long road connecting Mai Chau district Son Thuy commune with two communes of Phu Vinh and Phu Cuong in Tan Lac district was upgraded, the transportation of agricultural products from Mai Chau district is much more convenient.

The Cun Pheo - Hang Kia – Pa Co – National Highway No6 road is upgraded, becoming a key route that boosts socio-economic development in Mai Chau district.

Similarly, in the Da Bac district, since the Cao Son- Trung Thanh road was built, it has helped save people much time in traveling from disadvantaged communes to the district’s centre.

Luong Van Thi, chairman of the Da Bac district People’s Committee said that in the past years, the district’s biggest difficulty lay in transport infrastructure, particularly roads that link areas in the same district or those link disadvantaged districts with neighbouring areas.

Thus, the district authority has pooled resources and given priority to developing transport infrastructure which helps create a driving force for local socio-economic development. The district invested in building the Cao Son - Trung Thanh road to connect communes around the Hoa Binh Reservoir such as Trung Thanh, Yen Hoa, Doan Ket, and Dong Ruong with the district’s centre.

In addition, Da Bac also upgraded and expanded the road connecting Da Bac town to Thanh Son district in the neighbouring province of Phu Tho. That is an important route for the district to connect with areas that have more favourable conditions for socio-economic development.

Since 2022 until now, the district has implemented some important road projects including the upgrade of the Vay Nua - Tien Phong inter-commune road with a total investment of 400 billion VND, a road in the highland commune of Mieng Chieng, and the upgrade of the Nanh Nghe inter-commune road.

Other localities in Hoa Binh province have also paid much attention to developing transport infrastructure as a foundation to boost their socio-economic growth.

The province currently has about 10,990 km of roads including seven national highways, 21 provincial roads, 73 district roads, and thousands of kilometres in communes, villages, and hamlets.

Between 2021 and 2023, the province has accelerated the progress of investment preparation and implemented key transport projects that increase its linkage with Hanoi, Son La and other neigbouring provinces.

Besides key transportation projects, Hoa Binh province has also paid attention to improving its rural transportation infrastructure system. Now, 88% of commune roads across the province are asphalted or concretised. The rate of such roads in villages is 71.6% and inter-hamlet roads 60.53%.

The improved roads help connect and facilitate trade between localities in the province as well as between Hoa Binh and other provinces or cities.


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