On January 25th, at Doc Lap commune's cultural house, the People's Committee of Hoa Binh city held a ceremony to receive a certificate to recognize Doc Lap commune, which has met new rural standards in 2023. There was the attendance of Mr. Dinh Cong Su, the Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee; the leaders of a number of departments and appropriate authorities of the province, Hoa Binh City and a large number of people.

Mr. Dinh Cong Su, the Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee awarded a certificate to recognize the commune meeting the new rural standards to leaders of the Party Committee and People's Committee of Doc Lap commune.

From 2019 - 2023, Doc Lap commune has mobilized and integrated the resources to develop production associated with restructuring the agricultural sector and production towards the linkage and application of the technical advances, ensuring the product consumption, increasing income and improving the lives of the rural people. Thanks to that, the material and spiritual lives of the people are increasingly improving, and the face of the countryside is flourishing.

In 2020, to merge a hamlet of the old Dan Ha commune, the Communal People's Committee coordinated with the planning consulting unit to review the items and works after the merger to supplement and adjust the plan for building the new rural areas, ensuring the needs of socio-economic development.

In the period 2019 - 2023, the capital mobilized to build the new rural areas of the commune reached nearly 120.7 billion VND. Of which, the central budget capital was 1.2 billion VND; the budget capital from the city and the commune was over 111.5 billion VND; the integrated capital source was over 2.4 billion VND; the people contributed in cash of over 432.6 million VND, donated land and working days... Up to now, the commune's road system is 100% concreted and paved; the inter-village’s roads are 95.8% concreted; the alley roads are hardened and they are not muddy in the rainy season, which is over 65%. The cultural houses in the hamlets have been renovated to meet the needs; the grid power is stable; The quality of education is increasingly improved, the infrastructure is invested and completed; The rate of people participating in health insurance reached 98.3%; The are no longer temporary houses, dilapidated houses in the commune.

With the high consensus and unity of the political system and people, by the end of 2023, the commune achieved 19 criteria for the new rural areas; the average income per capita reached 42.1 million VND a year; The poverty rate decreased to 5.18%.

Mr. Dinh Cong Su, the Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee awarded a certificate to recognize the school meeting the national standards for the period of 2023-2028 to Anh Duong Primary and Secondary School in Doc Lap commune.

Making a speech at the ceremony, the Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee praised the Party Committee, the authorities and the people of Doc Lap commune for their determination to complete the task, actively contributing to the achievements of building the new rural areas of the entire city. He suggested that the commune continued to mobilize the resources, promote its strengths and potential for socio-economic development, and increase the people's income in the coming time; Maintaining the achieved criteria for the new rural areas, trying to implement the advanced criteria and the model for the new rural areas... It was recommend that Hoa Binh City People's Committee strengthen the solutions to effectively implement the proposed programs and projects, synchronously implementing the solutions to attract investment to develop industry, agriculture, handicrafts... contributing to promoting the socio-economic development of the city, especially the rural areas. It was neccessary to request recognition of 1 commune meeting the advanced standards for the new rural areas, 1 commune meeting model standards...

The Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee awarded a certificate of recognition to mees the standards for the new rural araes to Doc Lap commune; awarding a certificate of recognition for a school meeting the national standards to Anh Duong High School and Secondary School. The leaders of Hoa Binh City People's Committee rewarded 5 collectives and 10 individuals with the outstanding achievements in the emulation movement to jointly build the new rural areas.

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