Hoa Binh City has been making strong changes in its infrastructure system and urban development, creating a vitality, a new look and taking on the leading position in the provincial socio-economic development.

Hoa Binh City has a modern and civilized urban appearance.

Accelerating the progress of the strategic and key infrastructure projects

In 2024, Hoa Binh City has determined that one of the key tasks is to accelerate the progress of implementing the strategic and key infrastructure; enhancing the digital transformation towards building the smart city; Focusing on investing in upgrading the landscapes, the cultural and entertainment sites to develop tourism, creating motivation to promote trade and service development. This is also the city's key task to maintain being the leading unit with the province to achieve the goals set by the Resolution of the 17th Provincial Party Congress.

According to Mr. Nguyen Huu Luyen, the Vice Chairman of Hoa Binh People's Committee, the locality shas been imultaneously implementing the projects on the infrastructure development, improving the drainage systems, beautifying the urban space and landscape. The city has well applied the mechanisms, the policies and the resources to implement the projects on schedule, connecting the projecst for province's strategic transport infrastructure investment with the traffic infrastructure projects of the city, creating the synchronization and the unity and ensuring the general planning. This breakthrough aims to create a premise for Hoa Binh City to expand the urban space, opening up the new development directions and transitions in building the urban government; Promoting investment attraction as well as better mobilizing the people's contributions to build an increasingly civilized, modern, smart and friendly city.

Currently, the city is implementing over 100 projects for land clearance, including the large and key projects of the province and city, promising to truly change the landscape opening up new strategies and bringing new vitality to the city once they are completed. Among them, there is the road project connecting Doc Lap commune to Dan Chu ward; the road connecting Tran Hung Dao street to Dan Chu ward connecting to the National Highway 6; Quang Tien – Thinh Minh road; the National Road 8; the regional linkage road...; Tien Tien industrial cluster; the urban area of Trung Minh A; urban area of Trung Minh B: Geleximco new urban area; Yen Quang Industrial Park; Binh Phu Industrial Park; the projects for commercial housing...

Catching the new growth momentum

In parallel with accelerating the progress of the key projects and works, right from the first months of 2024, the budget collection and implementation of the key tasks are highly focused on by Hoa Binh City, bringing a good sign for the city to continue making breakthroughs this year.

Hoa Binh City has made an impressive transition to 2024 with the completion of the embellishment and restoration of the urban order on the main roads such as Cu Chinh Lan, Tran Hung Dao, Chi Lang, Dinh Tien Hoang, Hoang Van Thu... Thereby, it has been creating space for the central city to have a modern appearance, synchronous infrastructure, bright - green - clean - beautiful – civilized city

According to the assessment of the City’s People's Committee, the local budget revenues have changed. The production and business situation has picked up the pace right from the beginning of the year. In the first quarter, the units, the communes and the wards actively participated in planting trees. The Deputy Secretary of the Youth Communist Union, Mr. Nguyen The Nham, says: Since the beginning of the year, the members of the youth union throughout the city have actively responded and participated in planting 1,000 trees in tourism planning areas, amusement parks, and the cultural houses in the residential areas, planting fruit trees in the household gardens to both improve the landscape and environment, and develop agricultural economy, services, and tourism for people... Thereby, it has been spreading the movement of planting trees to make the city greener. - clean - more beautiful.

The movement of building the model urban civilized wards, the model residential groups, the model residential areas, and building the new rural communes is also being enthusiastically implemented. There are the outstanding activities such as launching troops to restore the urban order and traffic safety after Tet; the urban beautification, creating open space; Environmental cleaning in the public areas, the cemeteries, the self-management routes...

These are important premises to help Hoa Binh City catch up with the new growth momentum, and they are the basis to believe that the locality will successfully complete the set goals in 2024, strying to effectively implement the strategic breakthrough, economic restructuring associated with the modeloff the growth innovation; improving the productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness of the city's economy; promoting the rapid and sustainable economic growth, creating the strong socio-economic changes, ensuring the national defense, security and social order and safety. It is suggested trying for a growth rate of 12%; the average income per capita/year reached 100 million VND; the state budget revenue in the area is 719 billion VND; The poverty rate decreases to 0.96%...

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