(HBO) - The development and application of e-commerce technologies and services have encouraged banks, credit organisations and businesses to apply card technology in banking services, especially e-payment of salary, and electricity, water and phone bills.

Restructuring cultivation sector to promote agricultural production

(HBO) - Kim Boi district has identified agriculture as the pillar and spearhead in socio-economic development over the past years. Therefore, the district’s Party Committee and People’s Committee have led efforts to optimize local potential and strength, gearing towards commercial agricultural production with high economic values.

‘Ngan’ fish season in Da river at its height

(HBO) In recent years, ‘ngan’ fish in Da river – a species of fish that has a see-through and tiny body like a thread of noodle with the eyes are the only black spots - suddenly becomes famous. It becomes a precious and delicious specialty, making people eat once and want to enjoy again and again.

Additional allocation of VND 198 billion in policy-based credit capital

(HBO) - Since the beginning of this year, Bank for Social Policies, Hoa Binh branch has been allocated the additional credit capital of VND 198 billion for 9 credit programs.

Total debit balance of banks and credit organizations reached nearly VND 21,000 billion

(HBO) - According to the State Bank's provincial branch, the total debit balance of banks and credit organizations in the area reached nearly VND 21,000 billion, rising by 1.2% in comparison with this at the end of 2018. Of which, short-term debit balance was VND 8,467 billion, accounting for 40.4% of total debit balance; medium and long-term debit balance was VND 12,499 billion, accounting for 59.6% of the total.

Hoa Binh ensures safety of irrigational works in preparation for flood season

(HBO) – The provincial People’s Committee on January 22, 2019 issued Directive No.03/CT-UBND on stepping up efforts in natural disaster prevention and search and rescue work, with one of the key and urgent tasks being ensuring safety for local irrigational works and dyke system during the flood season in 2019.

There have been 21 cooperatives operating under the Law effectively in Kim Boi district

(HBO) - Over the past years, Kim Boi district has paid much attention to implementing criteria No. 13 on production forms with a focus on building cooperatives in the form of linkage. Up till now, there have been 21 cooperatives, 15 farms and 1 agricultural farm.

Lac Luong commune has been trying to reduce poverty

(HBO) - In 2018, the average income of Lac Luong commune was 20.5 million VND a person, the rate of poor and the poverty threshold households accounted for 60.03%.

Hoa Binh has 100 new businesses

HBO - As many as 100 businesses were established in the northern province of Hoa Binh in the first three months of this year with a total registered capital of 3 trillion VND (129.5 million USD). The figures represented year-on-year rises of 11.2 percent and 20 percent, respectively.

Hoa Binh records positive socio-economic signs in Q1

HBO - In the first quarter of 2019, considerable reforms were made in leadership and management of the whole political system of Hoa Binh province, and all-level authorities and sectors have joined together to realise socio-economic development tasks for this year.

Ky Son district carries out “One Commune One Product” programme

HBO – Ky Son district in Hoa Binh province is actively implementing the "One Commune One Product” (OCOP) programme, which is considered a lever to develop agricultural and rural economy. The programme’s purpose is that one commune has at least one key product which has comparative advantages, towards building brand names, and expanding production and consumption of key products, thus helping increase locals’ incomes and achieve sustainable poverty reduction.

Bright signals seen in business environment improvement

HBO - In the years of 2016 and 2017, Hoa Binh ranked 52nd out of the 63 localities in provincial competitiveness index (PCI). The respective points in 2016 and 2017 were 56.8 and 59.42. According to statistics by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in 2018, the province posted 61.73 points, rising to the 48th position out of 63 cities and provinces, four positions higher than that of 2017.

Lac Thuy district launches campaign on building brand for local tea

(HBO) - Lac Thuy district is currently home to a total 250 ha of tea-growing land, of which 170 ha being high-yield tea, mainly in farms across the communes of Phu Thanh, Phu Lao, Co Nghia, and Dong Tam. Cultivation techniques brought about significant changes in recent years.

Hoa Binh: Locals urged to protect forest in Hang Kia - Pa Co Nature Reserve

(HBO) – Hang Kia – Pa Co Nature Reserve has a total area of 5,252.98 hectares. The entire forest coverage of the reserve is located in the administrative boundary of eight communes of Mai Chau district, mainly in Hang Kia, Pa Co and Tan Son.

Lac Thuy district collects 11.3 billion VND for State budget

HBO – According to the People’s Committee of Lac Thuy district, the district’s State budget collection reached 11.3 billion VND (486.8 million USD) in the first quarter, equal to 17.6 percent of yearly estimates assigned by the provincial People’s Committee, and 16.26 percent as assigned in a resolution of the district’s People’s Council.

Making efforts to boost rice exports

 According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, in the first quarter of 2019, Vietnam's rice export volume was estimated at 1.43 million tonnes, worth US$ 593 million, down 3.5% in volume and 20.2% in value over the same period in 2018.

Vocational training, improving the livelihood of the people in Ngoi village

(HBO) - People in Ngoi village, Ngoi Hoa commune (Tan Lac) are benefiting from activities to support the livelihood and vocational training to preserve good traditional cultural values and to exploit the potentials, advantages, developing the community tourism.

Hoa Binh city receives certificate recognising new rural development task completion

(HBO) – The People’s Committee of Hoa Binh province held a ceremony on April 7 to announce the Prime Minister’s decision and receive a certificate recognising Hoa Binh city’s completion of its new rural development task.

Hoa Binh province improves efficiency of state budget collection

HBO - Hoa Binh province’s Taxation Department targets to collect 1.42 trillion VND in budget revenue in the first half of the year, accounting for 48 percent of the Government’s estimate and 39 percent of the resolution adopted by the provincial People’s Council. To realise the target, the department has been focusing on implementing measures to improve tax administrative procedures, control sources of income, and facilitate tax payers’ payment fulfillment.

Hoa Binh’s export value hits over 168.5 million USD in Q1

HBO - The north-western province of Hoa Binh continued to record a rise in export-import revenues in the first quarter of 2019, said the provincial Department of Industry and Trade. It made an export value of over 168.5 million USD in the period, an increase of 17.43 percent year-on-year, or 21.33 percent of the year’s plan.

Ky Son district focuses on transport infrastructure development

HBO – After eight years of implementing the national target programme on building new-style rural areas, with joint efforts of the local Party Committee, government people, the rural face of Ky Son district has changed dramatically.

Cao Phong Oranges shaped two dragons present at Hung Temple

HBO - On the occasion of Hung King's death anniversary in 2019, from 29th-30th March, in Phu Tho province, The National Fund For Vietnamese Children cooperates with Vietnam Association of Small and Medium Enterprises to organize the program "Incense offering ceremony of Hung Kings - Entrepreneurs and community for Vietnamese children”.

"Three no" Orfarm farm on Lac Thuy land

HBO - Suffering from serious health problem related to food, Bui Bich Lien from Dai Mo ward, Nam Tu Liem district (Hanoi) had a lot of concerns before deciding to choose Hoa Binh as a site to build Orfarm Thuy Thien Nhu (the cleanest farm model in Vietnam).

Lac Thuy district is opening the development of farm economy

(HBO) - Lac Thuy district has an agricultural land area of more than 5,450 hectares (accounting for 18.6% of the total area of the district) and the forestry land area with forests is over 12,760 hectares (accounting for 43.51%). Lac Thuy is considered as a locality with potentials for land, climate and labor, which are favorable conditions for the district to direct and orient people to invest in developing farm economy.

Hoa Binh Young Entrepreneurs’ Association launches 2019 activities

(HBO) - The Young Entrepreneurs’ Association of the northwestern province of Hoa Binh held a conference on March 27 to launch activities for this year.