The Thanh Hoa-based Nghi Son Refinery is scheduled to produce its first batch of commercial products in May, as announced on February 28.

Lac Long commune promotes the effectiveness of preferential capital

(HBO) - With the aim of supporting the poor and the beneficiaries of economic development policies and ensuring social security. Over the past 15 years, the government's preferential capital through Social Policy Bank have played an important role and always been accompany with the people of Lac Long (Lac Thu). The commune cooperates actively with the Social Policy Bank to implement the preferential credit policies, helping many households have more capital to develop production and business, improve income and improve their living conditions, contributing to reducing poverty in the locality. Together with the direction of the Party committees, authorities, associations, the efforts of the people, the source of preferential capital has contributed to reducing the rate of poor households from 2-3% per year. Particularly, the preferential loans have joined and helped to reach the standard of new rural area in 2017.

Grass farmer in Dong Chum commune turns millionaire

(HBO) – Luong Van Suong, a resident in Na Loc village, Dong Chum commune (Da Bac district) started his agricultural business not by growing rice, maize or any other food crops but grass. The man’s determination has been translated into a persuasive economic model, helping him gain the title of "Vietnam’s excellent farmer” last year.

Starting business from the model of growing Korean vegetables and roots on the "cold land"

(HBO) - Thanks to the opportunity and brave investment, Mr. Bui Van Tan, Tuan Lo commune (Tan Lac) has found a promising start-up with vegetables and roots originating from Korea.

The Golden Forest brings back a warm and full spring

(HBO) - Green plantations, acacia hybrid gardens, Acacia mangium mixed with canarium, chukrasia raising in the sun and wind. The scene is covered with a green covering of the forest. Under the warm spring sunshine, green sprouts are developing with full vitality. The forest is back to be green.

Tan Lac red-flesh grapefruit hot during Tet festival

HBO – In the run up to the lunar New Year (Tet) festival, Tan Lac red grapefruit becomes more and more attractive. Thanks to locals’ caring efforts, the trees are fruitful, well serving market demand during the biggest festival of Vietnamese people.

A farmer persistent with Lac Thuy orange planting

(HBO) – "Orange are trees of rich people”. My husband and I were advised not to plant orange trees because we were poor and had no knowledge about science and techniques.” Ten years ago, the family Le Minh Quy was the first in hamlet 2C, Co Nghia commune, to plant orange trees in Lac Thuy district instead of lychees as other local farmers. 

Bringing flowers to village

(HBO) – Lying in a road leading to downtown of Na Phon commune, Mai Chau district, the flower garden of Bao Quyen homestay facility looks colourful and striking with various flowers in bloom. On a site of over 3,000 square metres, beds of flowers are dotted with swing and panpipe miniatures.

Caged fish farming in Hoa Binh reservoir on right track

(HBO) – Hoa Binh reservoir has a total water surface area of 16,800 ha spanning the northern mountainous provinces of Hoa Binh and Son La, of which 8,892 ha belong to Hoa Binh. The vast, clean and nutritious reservoir is favourable for caged fish farming, with many rare and high-value varieties.

Success from the model of complex farm

(HBO) - As a key member in the family, having to worry about everything from meals to living expenses, taking care of the children’s study with little salary, Mr. Chu Van Tinh in Ao Trach village, Dan Hoa commune (Ky Son) always thinks about the choice of a suitable start-up path to increase income, cherish the dream of enriching the homeland. Standing up after many failures, up to now, his family economy is getting better, life is gradually improved.

More firms hoped to ship aquatic products to Russia

More Vietnamese businesses may soon be allowed to export aquatic products to Russia this year after a Russian working group made a fact-finding tour of some Vietnamese exporters, said Trade Counsellor of Vietnam in Russia Duong Hoang Minh.

Ministry earmarks 15.4 billion USD for aviation industry

The Ministry of Transport plans to spend 350.5 trillion VND (15.4 billion USD) to develop the country’s aviation industry from now until 2030.

Stabilising Lunar New Year market

(HBO) – As the Lunar New Year (Tet) festival approaches, the goods market becomes bustling. At the same time, local authorities are carrying out inspections to stabilize the market.

War veterans take lead in economic development

(HBO) – The Business Association of Hoa Binh Veterans (BAHV), founded in September 2017, has become a venue for war veterans to gather for a new front – the front of poverty reduction and contribution to the province’s development.

Elderly farmer conquers hi-tech agriculture

(HBO) – Already at an age to retire, and being well off, Pham Tien Sinh in Nam Thuong village, Nam Thuong commune (Kim Boi) is not content with retiring as he feel he is still fit enough to continue working. With this thought, he embarked on a new path to realise the dream of conquering hi-tech agriculture.

Hoa Binh Hydropower Company contributes over 1.4 trillion VND to provincial budget

(HBO) – The Hoa Binh Hydropower Company has recently held a conference to review its operation in 2017 and put forward tasks for 2018.

Vietnam posts trade deficit of US$300 million in January

Vietnam’s trade gap for the first month of 2018 was estimated at US$300 million, according to the General Statistics Office (GSO).

Bao Hieu commune expands the model of planting citrus trees

(HBO) – Before the year of 2010, the people of Bao Hieu Commune (Yen Thuy) had developed their economy mainly based on agricultural production. Therefore, the people's life was so difficult, the income per capita only reached about 10 million per person per year, the percentage of poor households accounted for nearly 50%. According to that fact, some households have moved to plant citrus trees, and then it has brought positive signals. Up to now, the commune has expanded the citrus area to over 100 hectares with 35 households participating.

Growing mushroom helps to get out of poverty

(HBO) – The low investment cost, simple techniques, available materials, early harvest, high profits; the model of planting mushroom has brought for the family of Nguyen Van Quang (Phu Ngoc village, Cu Yen commune, Luong Son) an income of nearly 150 million dongs/ year. Mushroom growing is not new but still very effective, which helps him and many other households in the region to escape poverty and try to get rich.

Lao products reach Vietnamese market

Nearly 140 products made by Lao enterprises are being displayed at the Laos Goods Week at Le Van Tam Park, Ho Chi Minh City.

HCM Communist Youth Union in Hoa Son commune supports young people in doing business

(HBO) – In Hoa Son commune (Luong Son district), it is not difficult to meet with young farmers owning production models generating average incomes of 100-300 million VND per year. Those young people are the new and outstanding examples in starting businesses, with their attachment to their homeland along with their determination.

Beekeeping strongly develops in Dan Hoa commune

(HBO) - We visited the beekeeping model of Le Van Hao’s family in Tan Lap hamlet - one of the longest and biggest beekeeping households in Dan Hoa commune, Ky Son district. Previously, his family only kept 1-2 herds for the daily use. Up to now, after more than 20 years of experience, he has nearly 100 herds, earning over 200 million VND each year.

Results and emerging matters from large-scale field development plan

HBO – In order to develop large-scale fields and replace mixed gardens, a range of mechanisms and policies have been issued, creating an impetus for crops and livestock restructuring.

Binh An Solanum procumbens tea start-up

(HBO) – Born into a farming family, Nguyen Thuy Linh, in Yen Thuy district, soon recognised potential and strength of the locality in planting and preserving precious medicinal herbs, including ca gai leo (scientifically known as Solanum procumbens).

Developing celastrus hindsii plants in Cao Duong commune

(HBO) – In 2011, celastrus hindsii (family Celastraceae) was first planted by several households in Cao Duong commune, Luong Son district. The plant is known for being used to support treatment of cancers and liver diseases, and improve health. The communal Party Committee has recognized huge demand for the species. The 14th Congress of the communal Party Committee set a target of expanding celastrus hindsii planting areas. After half of the tenure, the plants have proven effective in Cao Duong commune.