(HBO) – Deputy Minister of Transport Nguyen Ngoc Dong recently signed Decision No.1708/QD-BGTVT, approving a project to repair and upgrade a bypass of National Road No.6 in Hoa Binh city of the province of the same name.

Stalls selling OCOP products help connect producers and consumers

(HBO) – Authorities of Hoa Binh province have paid attention to setting up points of sale to introduce and sell OCOP products in a bid to promote connection between producers and consumers.

Hoa Binh’s three-decade journey of international integration

(HBO) – Over the past three decades since it was re-established, Hoa Binh province has taken major steps in the "Doi Moi” (Renewal) period, with imprints in foreign affairs that aimed to strengthen relations with foreign countries, organisations and localities and foster people-to-people diplomacy. The move was expected to take advantages of external resources for development.

Hoa Binh city strives to disburse public investment capital

(HBO) – At present, the People’s Committee of Hoa Binh City is managing and carrying out 101 projects funded by public investment capital. After adjustment and reduction, total capital allocated to those projects amounts to over 587.7 billion VND this year. Of which, 318.7 billion VND is from official development assistance and over 47.6 billion VND from the State budget. As of September 7, over 91.6 billion VND was disbursed, or 15.6 percent of the assigned plan.

August index of industrial production rises 6.22 percent

(HBO) - The success in COVID-19 containment in Hoa Binh has helped the province’s industrial production increase at a faster pace than the national average. However, many businesses and production establishments are still facing many difficulties.

Goods, service retail sales revenue up 15.8 percent on-year

(HBO) - Given complicated developments of COVID-19 across the country, the Hoa Binh People's Committee has directed relevant sectors to strengthen the monitoring of supply and demand and commodity prices in order to keep market prices stable, especially the prices of essential goods, serving people's needs and preventing unreasonable price hikes.

Over 3,000 households in Mai Chau district get access to preferential loans

(HBO) - The branch of the Bank for Social Policy in Mai Chau district reported that in the first eight months of 2021, it provided loans worth over 107 billion VND to 3,082 customers in the district. Since the beginning of the year, loans under social policies have been promptly provided to poor households and other eligible customers in 16 communes and towns in the district. Communes with high lending turnover are Tan Thanh (14.8 billion VND), Son Thuy (nearly 12 billion VND), Bao La (11.5 billion VND).

Hoa Binh takes steps to boost digital transformation in collective economy

(HBO) – In August, the Hoa Binh provincial Cooperative Alliance coordinated with Viettel Post Hoa Binh and the VNPost branch in the province to help nine cooperatives introduce agricultural products on two e-commerce platforms, VoSo.vn and Postmart. The move has helped local farmers boost the sale of farm produce amid the complex COVID-19 situation while creating momentum for cooperatives to conduct digital transformation.

Lac Thuy works to surmount difficulties in animal husbandry

(HBO) – A report of the animal health office of Hoa Binh showed that the province has 115,700 buffalos, 86,600 oxen, nearly 459,500 pigs and 7.91 million fowls.

Agricultural sector affirms pillar role of economy during epidemic

(HBO) – The complicated development of COVID-19 epidemic since early this year has seriously affected the agriculture sector. Meanwhile, African swine fever still occurs in some communes. Localized thunderstorms and heavy rain caused damage in Mai Chau, Tan Lac and Kim Boi districts. Faced with both natural disasters and epidemics, the agricultural sector has managed to find ways to adapt and promote production to ensure food security.

Hoa Binh sees modern trade thriving

(HBO) – Modern trade is on a rise today, attracting many economic sectors and inflows of capital. In Hoa Binh, it has been fuelling the development of local infrastructure with more and more markets being renovated and supermarkets and shopping malls being launched to meet the increasing demand of customers.

Construction of Hoa Binh 2 Bridge sped up

(HBO) – Hoa Binh 2 Bridge whose construction is underway is expected to be a highlight of Hoa Binh city with its modern lighting system.

The prospect of the model of raising herbal chicken in Da Bac district

(HBO) - With the goal of transferring the techniques for raising herbal chicken towards OCOP products in Cao Son and Tu Ly communes (Da Bac) as well as contributing to the sustainable economic development for the households in the district, the model of raising herbal Ri chicken (the domestic chicken for eggs and meat) in Lac Thuy in the direction of OCOP products deployed by Da Bac Centre of the Agricultural Service has innitially brought the positive results.

Hoa Binh city has modern, dynamic appearance

(HBO) - Hoa Binh city is the political, administrative, economic and cultural centre of Hoa Binh province. From a peaceful town in the Northwest mountainous region, the city has to date made great strides in many fields. The synchronous implementation of many solutions over the years has given the city a facelift, thus affirming the advantages, potential and value of a new developing urban area

Export turnover surges 13 percent in eight months

(HBO) - Implementing the plan to improve the competitiveness of export products in the province, the provincial Party Committee and the People's Committee have directed units to focus on making products with a competitive advantage and development of those with high potential.

Hoa Binh’s industrial sector keeps moving forward

(HBO) – The prolonged COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected all socio-economic aspects, including the industrial sector. However, thanks to directions issued by all-level Party committees and administrations, appropriate solutions proposed by relevant agencies to address difficulties and facilitate production and business and, especially, local enterprises’ determination and adaptability, the industrial sector of Hoa Binh has managed to record growth, serving as an important driving force for the province’s socio-economic development.

Hoa Binh city ensures goods supply in all circumstances

(HBO) – The People’s Committee of Hoa Binh city has actively coordinated with relevant agencies to design plans to ensure supply of necessary goods serving daily activities and production of local residents in all circumstances amid the complicated developments of COVID-19.

Hoa Binh promotes 3B cow raising model

(HBO) - The Cao Son Xanh Cooperative has invested in raising 3B cows, a breed of foreign origin, which produces high economic value towards establishing a breeding chain. The barns are kept clean and well ventilated, while each cow is numbered and has its health and weight checked monthly.

Luong Son’s longan farmers face difficulties due to COVID-19

(HBO) - At this time of the previous years, many longan farmers in Cao Son commune (Luong Son) enjoyed the harvest season. However, this year, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, no traders come to the commune, thus worrying local farmers.

Luong Son’s cooperatives adapt to new COVID- 19 conditions

(HBO) – Given the complicated development of COVID-19 in Luong Son district, local cooperatives have adjusted their production and business plans and diversified their approaches to the market. As a result, they have sustained production and boosted their capacity to adapt to the situation.

Upholding role of trade unions in enterprises

(HBO) – Statistics showed that the province now has 25 grassroots trade unions in non-State business sector. Over the past years, they have well performed their role in protecting and caring for legitimate rights and interests of workers. Many of them helped balance the interests of employers and employees, thus contributing to improving the efficiency of production and trade in enterprises.