(HBO) - The information was jointly announced by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and the US Agency for International Development on March 28.

Lac Son district has built a brand of agricultural products through OCOP

(HBO) - The program "One commune (OCOP) - one product” is directed to implement drastically by Lac Son district. It is considered as a key task in the new rural construction and restructuring the agricultural sector.

Building a collective brand of Thong Nhat lemongrass

(HBO) - In recent years, identifying the benefits from lemongrass, people in Thong Nhat commune (Hoa Binh city) have actively used the area of gardens and hills for the growth of intercropping lemongrass, bringing high income. In particular, the linkage model between the Agricultural Cooperative of Dao village, Thong Nhat commune with VietMec for the essential oil with high efficiency has opened up a prospect of new economic development, contributing to job creation and revenue increase for the local farmers.

Budget collection estimated at 7.8 billion VND in Tan Lac district

HBO – Tan Lac district’s contribution to the state budget totalled 7.8 billion VND in the first quarter of 2019, equal to 26.4 percent of the yearly plan set by the provincial People’s Committee, and up 3.3 percent from the same time last year.

Over 285 billion VND of public investment disbursed

HBO - In 2019, Hoa Binh province is allocated a State budget-sourced investment capital of over 2.47 trillion VND (106.21 million USD).

Agribank Hoa Binh signs credit contract on 49.6MW hydro-power plant project

HBO – The Hoa Binh province branch of the Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam (Agribank), the Agribank branch in Son La province, and Xuan Thien Son La Limited Company have signed a credit contract for the Suoi Sap 2A Hydro-power plant project.

Meeting responds to Vietnam’s Consumer Rights Day

HBO – The Department of Industry and Trade of Hoa Binh province recently organised a meeting in response to Vietnam’s Consumer Rights Day 2019. Nearly 200 officials from the sector, along with workers at enterprises across the locality, participated in the event.

The effectiveness of the production link of raising pigs for meat

HBO - According to Mr. Le Van Luyen, the director of Yen Mong Livestock Raising Cooperative and General Services Cooperative, Yen Mong Commune (Hoa Binh City), there are ten households participating in the project. Within the framework of the implementing the project, the issue of training general knowledge on food safety and application of the practice rules on good production is focused.

Hoa Binh approves investment proposals for 14 new projects

HBO – From the start of 2019, the north western province of Hoa Binh approved investment proposals for 14 projects of domestic investors with registered capital worth nearly 1.58 trillion VND (68.31 million USD), up 1 project and 954.7 billion VND in capital compared to the same period last year.

Kim Boi district intensifies transformation of cultivation structure

HBO – In 2018, Hoa Binh planted about 3,437 hectares of vegetable and bean of different kinds, up 18.9 percent over the previous year. With an average yield of 12-14 tonnes per hectare and output of 4,100 – 4,800 tonnes, the plants bring about an income of 80-130 million VND per hectare each crop for farmers, continuing to create more imprints in local agricultural production.

Connectivity in Da River fish production and consumption proves effective

HBO – Hoa Binh lake is one of the largest man-made lakes in the northern mountainous province of Hoa Binh, spreading about 8,900 hectares in 19 communes of Hoa Binh city and four districts. With a diverse aquatic ecosystem and clean water, the lake is home to many precious, endemic species of fish, which is favourable for fish breeding. Over the past time, many organisations and individuals have invested and partnered in breeding Da River fish under the value chain, ensuring food safety and meeting market demands.

Hoa Binh expects breakthrough surge in export turnoverv

HBO - Hoa Binh newspaper has an exclusive interview with Pham Tien Dung, Director of the provincial Department of Industry and Trade, on the sector’s efforts to create a breakthrough in the province’s exports this year.

Mobilizing the resources to build Luong Son district into an urban area of type IV

HBO - On May 11/2012, the Standing Committee of Hoa Binh Province issued Resolution No. 06-NQ/TU on mobilizing the resources to build the central area of Luong Son district into an urban area of type IV, creating a premise for the early establishment of Luong Son town.

Protecting "Made in Vietnam" brand

According to the European Union (EU) statistics, the export of electric bicycles from Vietnam to the EU has been increasing sharply with nearly 139,000 units in 11 months of 2018, worth EUR66.9 million, an increase of 47.4% in terms of numbers and 22.6% in terms of export value over the same period in 2017.

Trying to reduce the rate of the poor households to 11.74% by the end of 2019

(HBO) - The People's Committee of Hoa Binh Province has just issued a plan to implement the sustainable poverty reduction program in Hoa Binh province in 2019.

Japanese firms explore investment chances in Hoa Binh

(HBO) - A delegation of Japanese businesses led by Yuseke Shimojima from the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry came to Hoa Binh province on March 5 to learn about investment opportunities.

The cooperative raising Hill Chicken in Yen Nghiep helps each other get rich

(HBO) – The cooperative group raising Hill Chicken in Yen Nghiep in Mu hamlet, Yen Nghiep commune (Lac Son) is considered one of the typical models in economic development in Lac Son district.

Hoa Binh activates “One Commune, One Product” programme

(HBO) – The northern province of Hoa Binh has advantages in agricultural production with various typical farm produce, which will make important contributions to rural economic development. At present, the One Commune, One Product (OCOP) programme is being carried out in the province, empowering agriculture, rural areas, and farmers.

HCM City always welcomes Japanese investors: local leader

Ho Chi Minh City welcomes and is willing to create favourable conditions for Japanese investors to do long-term business in the locality, especially in the areas of smart city construction, information technology and food processing, stated Chairman of the municipal People’s Committee Nguyen Thanh Phong.

Dan Ha commune has developed beekeeping

(HBO) - Van Tien beekeeping cooperative, Dan Ha commune (Ky Son) was established and gone into operation to mobilize the resources from the beekeepers in the commune to build a brand for the honey products.

The exciting atmosphere of the production in early spring

(HBO)- Immediately after the Lunar New Year holiday, the year of Pig, most of the enterprises in the industrial zones in the province have started to implement their production and business plans with the exciting and urgent atmosphere, promising the new year with great expectations of economic development and social security in the province.

The urgent construction of Hoa Binh Bridge 3

(HBĐT) – The construction of Hoa Binh Bridge 3 is a key project of Hoa Binh City. The project started in 2016 with a total investment of nearly 435 billion VND. Up till now, the project of Hoa Binh Bridge 3 has achieved the volume of over 260 billion VND. The contractor is urgently implementing items to ensure that the completion of the project will be in use in 2019.

Strengthening the support for the social enterprises to develop the innovative and sustainable rural areas

(HBO) - Social enterprises (social enterprises) in the locality are a special group of the social organizations (in the form of non-profit organizations, businesses, households, cooperatives, production groups or private enterprises) to serve unmet needs, to create jobs and sustainable income for the easily vulnerable people, the ethnic minorities, the poor, women and so on. In our province, the Project to Support the Social Enterprises for the creative and sustainable rural development (SERD Project) has been implemented by CSIP Center in cooperation with the Provincial Farmers' Association in three districts with high rate of the poor households. They include Tan Lac, Lac son and Yen Thuy districts. The project has been making positive contributions to the socio-economic development in the province. 

Trung Thanh commune has positively changed from preferential capital

(HBO) - Recently, the credit activities of the policy have timely supported the ethnic minorities in Trung Thanh commune (Da Bac) to get loans and support the production. This is really one of the bridges to help people get loans for hunger eradication and poverty alleviation. As a result, people's life has been improved, contributing to the implementation of the programme for sustainable poverty alleviation.

Thuy Thien Nhu organic farm in Lac Thuy district

(HBO) – Located in Tan Phu hamlet, Phu Thanh commune, Lac Thuy distric, Thuy Thien Nhu organic farm is famous nationwide for safe products.