(HBO) - After 10 years of implementing the campaign "Vietnamese people prioritise using Vietnamese goods”, the northern province of Hoa Binh has brought locally-made products closer to people in rural and far-flung areas which have economic difficulties and unfavourable transport systems.

The debit balance for the program on clean water and environmental sanitation has reached over 433 billion VND

(HBO) - From the beginning of the year until now, the Program on loan for clean water and environmental sanitation implemented in the province has loaned 3,650 turns of households with the loan turnover of over 66 billion VND; the turnover of the debt collection has reached over 37 billion VND. By the end of June, the total debit balance of the program was over 433 billion VND with 35,714 households having the debit balance. From this source, the households have invested in building the facilities of clean water and sanitation.

Hoa Binh province achieved 78.5% of the plan for concentrated forest planting

(HBO) - In June, localities in Hoa Binh province exploited 723 ha of plantation forest. The production reached 42.7 thousand m3 of timber.

Hoa Binh to take drastic measures for State budget collection in H2

(HBO) - As of June 30, Hoa Binh’s state budget collection exceeded 1.47 trillion VND, accounting for 50 percent of the Ministry of Finance estimation and increasing 4 percent compared to the same period last year.

Tien Phong commune develops caged fish farming

(HBO) - Tien Phong commune in Da Bac district has 10 out of the 12 hamlets being located by the Hoa Binh lake which has rich and diverse aquatic resources. Therefore, more than 300 households have focused on developing caged fish farming with over 800 cages.

Solutions boost credit growth in Hoa Binh

(HBĐT) - From the beginning of the year, the State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) has directed credit institutions, including those in Hoa Binh, to build and implement their 2019 business plan in accordance with the Government’s and SBV’s solutions on regulating monetary and credit policies and banking operation. The work aims at promoting credit growth, serving socio-economic development in the province.

Hoa Binh’s loans hit nearly 22 trillion VND

(HBO) - As of June 30, the total credit of institutions of the north-western province of Hoa Binh neared 21.26 trillion VND (909.7 million USD), increasing 5 percent year-on-year.

Three farms receive Da River – Hoa Binh fish certificates

(HBO) - Head of the Sub-Department of Agro-Forestry-Fishery Products’ Quality Management under the Hoa Binh Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has allowed three facilities to use the trademark of "Da River-Hoa Binh Fish” and issued food safety certificates to eight others as well as the recognition of food safety knowledge to 39 individuals.

Hoa Binh works to improve provincial competitiveness index

(HBO) - According to results released by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in 2018, Hoa Binh province gained 61.73 points in the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI), up 4.93 points from 2016 and 2.31 points from 2017, and ranking 48 out of the 63 provinces and cities across the country.

Hoa Binh province generates jobs for over 8,000 labourers

(HBO) – In the first six months of 2019, the northern province of Hoa Binh generated jobs for 8,070 labourer, fulfilling 51 percent of the yearly target. The province supported 560 locals to seek jobs through the National Employment Fun and 105 others to work abroad temporarily.

Nearly 202 billion VND of loans offered to poor households

(HBO) - Realising the Prime Minister’s Decision No. 28/2015/QD-TTg on regulations on credit for households who have just escaped from poverty, the Hoa Binh chapter o the Vietnam Bank of Social Policies (VBSP) has coordinated with the local administration to implement the policy for the benefit of the local community.

Shan tuyet tea processing workshop improves Mong ethnics’ living standard

(HBO) - A Shan tuyet tea processing workshop was put into use in Pa Co commune in late May, which is considered a milestone in the strategy for sustainable development of production activities of Mong ethnic people in Mai Chau district.

The preferential capital has been contributing to ensuring the social security in Yen Thuy district

(HBO) - Over the past time, in order to actively contribute to the poverty reduction and the assurance of the social security in the area, the Social Policy Bank of Yen Thuy district has continuously improved the quality of operations, creating conditions for the poor households and the policy beneficiaries to access the preferential capital of the Government.

Hoa Binh creates caged fish value chain with stable sale

(HBO) - Blessed with favourable natural conditions of the lake area, the caged fish specialty of Hoa Binh province has been known wide and far by many consumers.

Luong Son district: Policy credit debt balance reached over 264 billion VND

(HBO) - According to the Transaction office of Luong Son district of Hoa Bình Social Policy Bank, by the end of May, loan sales reached nearly 33 billion VND with 1,025 turns of borrowers. Debt collection turnover reached over 22.7 billion VND.

Project supporting social enterprises for sustainable and innovative rural development reviewed

(HBO) – With the sponsorship of Bread for the World, the Centre for Social Initiatives Promotion (CSIP) coordinated with the Association of Farmers in the northern province of Hoa Binh and the Association of Women in the northern province of Lao Cai to organise a workshop on June 18 to review the implementation of a project on supporting social enterprises for sustainable and innovative rural development for the 2016-2019 period.

Kim Boi district: The industrial production – the small industry and handicrafts have been flourishing

(HBO) - Currently, there are 38 enterprises, 23 cooperatives and more than 1,131 individual households in Kim Boi district have engaged in the industrial and handicraft production and trading, of which there are 75 households producing and processing and 1,065 households doing businesses of all kinds.

Luong Son district signed a cooperation agreement on organic agriculture development

(HBO) - Luong Son district People's Committee and Que Lam Biotech Company Limited in Dao Duc commune, Binh Xuyen district, Vinh Phuc province recently organized a program to sign a cooperation on construction and development of organic agricultural production in Luong Son district. Cooperation time from 3-5 years. The model is implemented in the communes of Thanh Lap, Cu Yen and Lien Son.

Lac Son district plans to produce summer-autumn and winter crops

(HBO) - Lac Son district People's Committee has just held a conference to implement the production plan for the summer-autumn and winter crops.

Hoa Binh develops brand for Lac Thuy honey

(HBO) – Half of Lac Thuy district’s forest areas of 19,100 hectares are cultivated with longan, litchi and other perennial trees, which serves as a good ground for the development of honey and bee sector. Bestowed with favourable weather conditions, Lac Thuy district has gained high economic efficiency from apiculture. Thanks to its high quality, local honey has met the taste of the market and become the main source of income of many households.

Luong Son strives to become new-style rural district in 2019

(HBO) – After eight years implementing the National Target Programme on new-style rural area building, he northwestern province of Hoa Binh’s Luong Son district has made significant achievements. The district has led localities across the province in the number of communes recognised as new-style rural areas and the average criteria completed.

Kim Boi district has 14 linkages of production and consumption of agricultural products

(HBO) - Currently, Kim Boi district has 14 linkages of production and consumption of agricultural products between farmers and enterprises, cooperatives with a total area of about 380 hectares. In particular, the area associated with the enterprise is about 193 ha, the area associated with the cooperative is about 187 ha.

Developing Quyet Chien brand of chayote

(HBO) - The preferential nature for the highland of Quyet Chien commune (Tan Lac) has made the chayote grow well, so the chayote is available all year round and it being confirmed as the safe vegetable in the market. Currently, the area of chayote trees in Quyet Chien commune is 60 hectares, mainly concentrated in Bu, Bac Hung and Ca hemlets. The households who cultivate a lot have from 1 to 2 hectares of chayote, and those who grow at least have 500 square meters of chayote.

Hoa Binh City considers 9 products to participate in the 2019 OCOP Program

(HBO) - On the basis of product registration forms participating in the 2019 OCOP Program of cooperatives, production facilities and households, Hoa Binh City People's Committee considers 9 products to participate in the 2019 OCOP Program.