(HBO) - Hoa Binh city's state budget revenue for Q1 2022 is estimated at 855,169 billion VND. This represents 85.51 percent of the target set by the municipal Party Congress Resolution of 1 trillion by 2025.

Wood pellet production links help improve efficiency in afforestation

(HBO) - Cooperation with factories manufacturing wood pellets is expected to help farmers improve productivity, quality, and economic efficiency from afforestation.

Tay woman changes lives in mountainous region

(HBO) – Bringing in Sachi and Gai Lai seedlings and encouraging local people to start planting the trees, agricultural engineer Trinh Thi Thanh Hoa, a Tay ethnic, has helped numerous mountainous commune households escape poverty.

Land fund prepared for industrial infrastructure development

(HBO) - The resolution from the 17th Provincial Party Congress sets the goal of industrial development becoming the driving force of the local economy, with high, sustainable, and effective growth promoting economic growth and realising social goals.

Hoa Binh hosts workshop on bamboo supply chain development

(HBO) – The Sustainable Forest Management Component of the Sustainable Forest Management and Biodiversity Conservation (VFBC) Project funded by the USAID, in collaboration with the project implementation unit (DAI) organized an initial workshop on the development of bamboo supply chain in the northern province of Hoa Binh.

Over 22 billion VND set aside for concreting rural roads

(HBO) - Based on demand among People’s Committees of cities and districts in Hoa Binh province for the concreting of rural roads and proposed plans for the allocation of funding in 2022 for a project approved in Decision No 121/QD-UBND dated January 20, 2022, the Department of Transport has developed an implementation plan for the task in the 2021-2025 period.

Luong Son district boosts organic, safe agricultural products

(HBO) - Organic vegetables are a source of pride for the people of Luong Son district. To boost cultivation, the district has promoted and expanded organic and safe agricultural production with the application of high technology.

Conference seeks to promote introduction of cooperative products

(HBO) – The provincial Union of Cooperatives recently held a seminar on promoting supply and demand as well as introducing products with the theme "Hoa Binh - Taste of Muong region and E-Commerce” at the National Village of Ethnic Culture and Tourism in Hanoi’s Son Tay district.

The index of the industrial production has increased by 3.95% compared to that of the same period last year

(HBO) - In the first quarter of 2022, the production of the industry in the province has basically been stable. Some major products of the processing and manufacturing industry tended to increase compared to that of the same period last year, especially the electronic products, which increased by about 7.63%... However, the output of manufacturing electricity and mining industry decreased compared to that of the same period. Thereby, the industrial production value of the whole province was estimated at nearly 10,380 billion VND. The index of the industrial production increased by 3.95% compared to that of the same period last year.

Hoa Binh sees 130 newly-established businesses in Q1

(HBO) - In the first three months of 2022, the Party Committee and People's Committee of Hoa Binh province directed relevant departments, sectors and People's Committees of districts and Hoa Binh city to continue stepping up investment promotion activities, strengthening coordination in handling administrative procedures, implementing solutions to improve the business environment and removing difficulties for enterprises and investors.

Luong Son district earns 68.4 billion VND from tourism in Q1

(HBO) – Hoa Binh province’s Luong Son district has asked businesses, tourist destinations and worshipping places to ensure environmental sanitation and firefighting.

Export revenues surge 86 percent in Q1

(HBO) – Striving to maximise advantages brought about by free trade agreements so as to expand export markets, especially for high added-value products to markets that are on the course of prompt recovery after COVID-19, Hoa Binh posted positive results in exports-imports in the first quarter of 2022.

Hoa Binh authorities work with transport infrastructure investors

(HBO) – The standing board of the Hoa Binh Party Committee, including Secretary Ngo Van Tuan and Vice Secretaries Bui Duc Hinh and Bui Van Khanh, on March 31 had a working session a joint venture of three groups, namely Deo Ca, Phu My, and Van Phu.

Trade promotion helps expand market for local products

(HBO) – Trade promotion activities and support for businesses and cooperatives in Hoa Binh province to expand markets and set up partnerships have been strengthened with various forms, thus helping them popularise and promote their products, and enhance production.

Cooperative model helps boost Lac Thuy chicken trademark

(HBO) – Against the backdrop of increasing animal feed prices and unstable chicken market caused by COVID-19 that trouble a large number of chicken farming households, farmer members of Tuan Chuyen Livestock Farming Service Cooperative in Phu Thanh Commune, Lac Thuy district, are still able to make profit from their work.

Lac Thuy district has been innovating the administrative procedure reform in the electronic environment

(HBO) - There is no need to come in person, just with a smartphone with the internet connection, on April 1st, Ms. Hoang Thi Huong from zone 13, Chi Ne town downloaded the application form, filled in the information and submitted the application online at level 3 to the Department of Receiving and Returning results of Lac Thuy district to carry out the administrative procedures in the judicial field about correcting one's middle name in the child's birth certificate. 

Hoa Binh striving to perform State budget collection task

(HBO) – Thanks to efforts in the direction and governance of the Party committees and authorities and the active participation of relevant agencies in supporting and removing difficulties for production and business and assisting taxpayers, Hoa Binh province's state budget revenue reached 5.6 trillion VND (245.2 million USD) in 2021, equal to 129 percent of the Government's estimate, up 10 percent compared to the target set by the Provincial People's Council resolution, and equal to 136 percent of that in 2020. This result ended a long time that the province did not meet the target of budget revenue.

Businesses in Hoa Binh industrial parks earn 4.96 trillion VND in revenue

(HBO) – Since the start of 2022, the Hoa Binh provincial People’s Committee has ordered relevant departments, sectors, and localities to mobilise resources for developing infrastructure at industrial parks (IPs) and industrial clusters; accelerate site clearance for the Yen Quang, Mong Hoa, Lac Thinh, and Nhuan Trach IPs; and step up administrative procedure reform and IT application so as to create favourable conditions for investors.

Collective economy - breakthroughs in reform, development

(HBO) – The collective economic sector, with cooperatives at its core, has adapted to the market economy and affirmed its role in socio-economic development of Hoa Binh province and its rural areas in particular.

Hoa Binh takes concerted measures to stabilise market prices

(HBO) – According to the Hoa Binh Department of Finance, relevant agencies have kept a close eye on supply-demand and market prices, and taken measures to stabilise prices of necessities serving people’s demand so as to devise timely measures and avoid unreasonable hikes. Therefore, prices in districts and Hoa Binh city remain stable, especially of foodstuff.

Social policy loans help people in Mai Chau district escape from poverty

(HBO) – Loans from the Vietnam Bank for Social Policies’ branch in Mai Chau district have contributed to supporting local poor people and policy beneficiaries to overcome difficulties in the context of the complicated developments of the COVID-19.

Lac Son develops agricultural production linkages to improve value of agricultural products

(HBO) - In order to improve local farmers' income, Lac Son district has been striving to attract businesses and promote the role of cooperatives in creating and building agricultural production and sale development linkages towards a safe and sustainable manner. In particular, amidst the complicated developments of the COVID-19 pandemic, the development of these linkages has proved effective, contributing to promoting agriculture and timely sale of agricultural products, and ensure their quality.

Lac Thuy district creates breakthroughs in sustainable poverty reduction

(HBO) - Thanks to the access to loans from the Bank for Social Policies, Pham Thi Sinh, a member of the women’s union in Tan Lam village, Phu Thanh commune (Lac Thuy), has become well-off more than two years after starting a business of raising goats for breeding and meat.

Hoa Binh records over 223 million USD in two-month export value

(HBO) – The Hoa Binh provincial People’s Committee targeted 1.437 billion USD in exports and 1.097 billion USD in imports this year. Since the start of 2022, the administration has ordered relevant departments, sectors, and localities to jointly work to tackle difficulties and facilitate trading activities.

Lac Son district: 678 households are allowed to get the policy loans

(HBO) - According to a report by the transaction office of Lac Son District’s Bank for Social Policies, in the first two months of this year, the sales of policy credit loans in the district reached over 23 billion VND, there were 678 households receiving loans. Up to now, the total credit debt in the district has reached over 470 billion VND, having 18.7 thousand of the customers in debt.