Hanoi capital city will include the two local heritage sites – the Thang Long imperial citadel and the Co Loa citadel relic – in the curriculum of local schools.

Economy expected to see brighter prospects

Improved macro-economic foundations, together with strong investment levels and exports, are expected to continue helping to drive Vietnam’s growth forwards.

The leader of the beekeeping Cooperative group becomes successful thanks to his prestige and dynamism.

(HBO) – We were being so impressed when visiting the honey beekeeping model of Mr. Nguyen Van Tuoi in Sau Ha village, Thanh Luong commune.

Da Bac district brings indigenous pig products to the commodity market.

(HBO) - Indigenous Pigs are one of the special famous livestock of Da Bac highland district.

Co Nghia commune given facelift

(HBO) – Visitors to Co Nghia commune, Lac Thuy district, the northern mountainous province of Hoa Binh, will be surprised at changes in the locality since it was recognised as a new-style rural area three years ago. Roads connecting hamlets and public facilities have been built. Besides, production models have brought about high economic values, helping local residents have stable jobs and improve their living standards.

Lac Thuy’s implementation of Resolution on investment attraction reviewed

(HBO) – Successes from the implementation of the Lac Thuy district Party Organization’s Resolution 14-NQ/HU in recent years has created a strong foundation for the district to take 9 out of its 15 communes and towns into Hoa Binh province’s area of economic drivers.

Farmers in Yen Mong commune converted their crop structure effectively

(HBO) - Mr. Nguyen Van Vin, the Chairman of Farmers Association of Yen Mong commune, said: "In recent years, the movement of farmers emulating economic development to change the structure of plants and animals for rising value on a hectare of cultivated area has been implemented very excitingly.”

New face of new-style rural areas in Hoa Binh

(HBO) - Achievements made by Hoa Binh province in building new-style rural areas provide an important momentum and a springboard to help the locality achieve better results in the future.

A Military soldier runs good business

(HBO) - Not only accomplishing excellently his political tasks every year, but the militia soldier Mr. Bui Van Phuong, Cao Ram Commune (Luong Son) is also a good example in the movement of military soldier doing start-up with the model of raising mountainous goats.

Vietnam-WEF cooperation in agriculture becomes fruitful: official

Ahead of the World Economic Forum (WEF) on ASEAN to be opened in Hanoi on September 11, Deputy Minister of Agriculture Le Quoc Doanh has noted the outcomes of agricultural ties between Vietnam and the WEF and future cooperation prospects.

The businesswoman having creative start-up with Sachi trees

(HBO) – While having a happy, calm, stable but not rich life as a teacher, always being a strong rear for her husband, Ms. Le Thi Van (addressed at No. 89B, Bui Thi Xuan street, Group 24, Huu Nghi Ward, Hoa Binh city) suddenly took on a completely new job to "no roses" road, that is to become a businesswoman. Since then, she determined to face with the challenges in the market.

Lac Thinh commune develops chicken raising model

(HBO) - In recent 5 years, many households in Lac Thinh commune (Yen Thuy) have bravely got the loan capital to develop and expand the chicken raising model.

OCOP programme - solution to develop new-style rural areas

Politburo member, Deputy Prime Minister and head of the Central Steering Committee for National Target Programmes, Vuong Dinh Hue, ran an article on the implementation of the "One Commune, One Product” (OCOP) programme, one of the important solutions in restructuring agriculture and developing new-style rural areas.

Mountainous Tan Lac eyes improvements

(HBO) – Smoother roads, busy trading activities and services, and prosperous villages with better economic conditions were our impression as we visited mountainous areas in Tan Lac in early Autumn when locals were busy preparing for the National Day festival.

Policy capital contributes to poverty reduction in Yen Lap upland commune

(HBO) - Yen Lap is a highland commune of Cao Phong district. Being a pure agricultural commune with no sub-industries, there are no businesses standing in the area so people's lives are difficult.

Cardiopteris quinqueloba brings wealth to Tong Dau commune

(HBO) – In recent years, farmers in Tong Dau commune in Mai Chau district have worked hard to switch to more suitable crops and animals, and to apply modern technologies in their farming practice for better output and productivity. Cardiopteris quinqueloba, a type of vine that gives small and tasty fruit, has gained significant attention from local authorities and residents. In the past, locals cultivated the vine for their daily meals. The fruit now has become popular and found its place in the market.

Hoa Binh earns over 404 million USD from exports in eight months

(HBO) – Hoa Binh earned more than 52.7 million USD from exports in August, an increase of 0.31 percent from the previous month.

Hung Thi Commune opens the way to escape poverty from lemongrass growing

(HBO) - Hung Thi is one of the six difficult communes of Lac Thuy district, 90% of its population are Muong ethnic minority people. Their lives are still very difficult, and the economy is mainly dependent on forestation and livestock. Recognizing the economic benefits of lemongrass and its stable market consumption, the Committee and authorities of Hung Thi commune propagated and mobilized the local people to put lemongrass plants into growing on the land area of riverbank and hills. This makes the life of the farmers become quite well.

The farmers of Hang Tram town emulate to do good production and business

(HBO) - The movement "Farmers emulating good production and business, being united to help each other get rich and escape sustainable poverty" is one of the emulation movement exploited and effectively implemented by the Farmer Association of Hang Tram town (Yen Thuy).

Young entrepreneurs create more than three million jobs

Over the past three years, young entrepreneurs have created over three million jobs and generated more than US$25 billion in annual revenue, heard participants at the sixth national congress of the Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association (VYEA) for the 2018-2021 tenure which opened in Hanoi on August 27.

Agriculture, rural areas attract more investment

HBO – As of the end of 2017, Hoa Binh counted 55 investment projects in agriculture and rural areas with combined capital of more than 14.5 trillion VND, accounting for 11.2 percent of the total investment projects in the province. The surge in number of firms investing in agriculture and rural development after many years is a positive sign in the province’s economic situation.

Veterans of An Nghia Commune develop citrus plantation

(HBO) - Prior to 2013, citrus growing is quite strange to veteran members of An Nghia Commune (Lac Son). However, up to now, citrus planting area has been expanded to nearly 20 hectares owned by veteran members. Thanks to the effectiveness of the model, the average income of veteran members reaches at 23.5 million VND / person / year, the rate of poor households reduced to 3%.

Yen Thuy district attracts investment in industry and small handicraft industry

(HBO) -. At present, there are 13 enterprises and 540 private firms operating production and business in the field of industry, handicrafts (small industry and handicraft).

Meeting the "excellent fisherman" on the reservoir of Da River Lake.

(HBO) - That fisherman is Mr. Dinh Van Linh in Trang village, Binh Thanh commune, Cao Phong district. From his experience, he not only enriched by himself but also "dragging" hundreds of households to be back for fish cage raising.

Building the brand of fish and shrimp of Hoa Binh Hydropower Plant

(HBO) - Hoa Binh has a lot of potential to develop aquaculture and freshwater fisheries, especially in the reservoir area of Da River Hydroelectric Lake with approximately 8,900 hectares, there is rich and abundant in fish species, including many rare species.