Businesses expect to see quicker actions from state management agencies in the enforcement of the Government’s Resolutions No. 19 and 35 to boost reforms and promote business development.

Vietnam tops list of shrimp exporters to Canada

 Vietnam currently heads the list of shrimp exporters to the Canadian market, accounting for 29% of Canada’s total shrimp import value in the first nine months of this year.

Expectations from centralised state capital management

As planned, the transfer of state ownership of Vietnam’s 19 leading corporations and groups from five ministries to the Committee for Management of State Capital in Enterprises has been completed after the committee officially came into operation.

Vietnam-Czech Republic trade exchange records positive signs

Vietnam earned 88.05 million USD from exports to the Czech Republic in September, raising the figure for the first nine months of this year to 775.94 million USD, up 10.8 percent year-on-year, according to the Czech Statistical Office.

Releasing fishes to Hoa Binh Reservoir to reproduce aquatic resources

(HBO) – A recent ceremony to release fishes to Hoa Binh reservoir has drawn a large number of Buddhist monks, nuns and followers as well as the local administration and management agencies. The release, funded by businesses, monks, nuns and followers, sees over 60,000 fingerlings of different kinds swimming into the lake.

Mr. Hoang Van Giang becomes rich by planting Doi trees

(HBO) – With the love of land, trees and different mind, after ten years, Mr. Hoang Van Giang has become the owner of a Doi garden with 400 trees, which is considered as the largest scale in Lac Son area. In addition, his family raises hundreds of indigenous pigs, plants 2 hectares of yellow- hearted oranges in the commercial period. This economic model is being operated in the right direction and within some years, Mr. Giang can earn billion dongs from selling Doi trees.

Reference exchange rate stays unchanged on November 19

The daily reference exchange rate on November 19 was kept unchanged from the last day of the previous week (November 16), standing at 22,721 VND per USD.

Arriving at the new orange fruit growing in Binh Thanh

(HBO) - Binh Thanh Commune - new orange fruit growing of Cao Phong District, has been growing citrus fruit trees for about 10 years. Mr. Bui Tien Ban, living in Mo Village 2 is considered to be the first person to plant orange trees in this area.

Replication of production links, consumption of sachi with red turmeric.

(HBO) - According to Ms. Pham Huyen Lieu, the Head of Ky Son Commune Agricultural and Forestry Encouragement Station, planting medicinal plants (sachi trees with red turmeric) has brought the higher income at 2- 7 times in the first year and 8-20 times from the second year onwards compared with planting popular local plants. In addition, this helps the formation of concentrated production areas. The link between producing and consuming sachi-red turmeric, which was implemented by the district from 2017 to 2018, has shown the efficiency and has become the basis of multiplication in the area.

Creating driftwood products with artistic value to conquer the market

(HBO) – The driftwood production firm of Mr. Doan Xuan Thanh is located in Doan Ket Village, Lam Son Commune, Luong Son District.

Cao Phong ready to supply hundreds of tonnes of VietGAP-qualified citrus

(HBO) – Cao Phong district is currently home to more than 2,600ha of land under orange and tangerine fruit trees, about 800ha of which are cultivated under VietGAP standards.

Awakening the potential of "Lac Thuy chicken"

(HBO) - Being a cool climate locality with large garden area, this is considered a golden terrain advantage for Lac Thuy district to develop chicken raising. In order to awaken the potential and build up the brand for Lac Thuy chicken, the party committees, local authorities have promoted the propaganda and mobilized people to develop and expand the scale of production and husbandry according to the process to create delicious chicken products with prestige and high quality.

Major SOEs transferred to state capital management committee

The Committee for Management of State Capital at Enterprises (CMSC) and the two Ministries of Finance and Information and Communications reached deals on November 12 to transfer the ministries’ right to represent the owner of State capital at their firms to the CMSC.

Ngoi Hoa commune – officials, residents facilitate land clearance for road construction

(HBO) – Local residents living along provincial Road 435 (Binh Thanh - Thung Nai - Ngoi Hoa, Tan Lac district) have agreed to facilitate land clearance in service of the road construction.

Logistics test Vietnam’s commitment to improving business environment

Recognising the crucial role of logistics in enhancing the competitiveness of the economy, since 2017 the government has taken many measures aiming to improve the performance of this sector.

Goat farming model in Cao Duong commune proves effective

HBO – Through studying, people in Cao Duong commune (Luong Son district) recognized that the local climate and terrain are suitable for goat farming. Thus, a goat farming model has been implemented and expanded by locals. Goat farming brings in stable economic efficiency, helping many households escape from poverty.

Tan My commune utilises potential, improves people’s living standards

(HBO) – Tan My commune in Lac Son district, the northern mountainous province of Hoa Binh, has a total area of over 3,000 hectares, of which more than 2,700 hectares are arable land. Over the past years, under the leadership of the local Party Committee and administration, residents in the commune have actively shifted the crop and livestock structures, helping improve their living standards.

Hoa Binh works to improve efficiency of agricultural expansion encouragement

(HBO) – Hoa Binh province defined key areas for investment, considering it as an important orientation to help the agriculture sector effectively develop agricultural expansion encouragement activities over the past 25 years. This is also a drastic direction of the provincial People’s Committee when it approved the "major agricultural expansion encouragement during 2016-2020” project.

Lac Son district promotes economic growth along roadmap

(HBO) – A ceremony for the Dai Nghia multi-sector cooperative to make its first public appearance was held at the cultural house on Re street, An Nghia commune in Lac Son district of the northern mountainous province of Hoa Binh in mid-October.

Thanh Luong commune’s veterans dynamic in economic front

(HBO) – Statistics showed that average income of members of the veteran association in Thanh Luong commune, Luong Son district, was 29 million VND per person last year. There were six poor members in the association, accounting for 3 percent.

Hoa Binh develops cooperatives in association with agricultural value chains

(HBO) – Building new-style agricultural cooperatives as part of value chains is significant to ensure stable sales for local farm produce.

Tan Huong in the sooner crop of grapefruits

(HBO) - Tan Huong is the key village of grapefruit growing in Thanh Hoi commune (Tan Lac). In the general context, this year, the yield and output of grapefruits are lower, the grapefruit growers expect its prices will be stable as last year and grapefruits have been identified as key crops, bringing wealth to the local people.

Farmers in Dong Lai Commune emulate to run good business

(HBO) - In recent years, thanks to the fast catching up market demand, farmers in Dong Lai Commune have actively transformed their economic structure. As a result, Dong Lai became one of the communes obtaining large areas of planting grapefruit and lemongrass in Tan Lac district. Many members of the Farmers' Union have changed their lives, creating an exciting atmosphere in the emulation movement to do good business.

Vietcombank receives permit to open representative office in the US

The Federal Reserve System of the United States has approved a dossier from the joint Stock Commercial Bank For Foreign Trade Of Vietnam (Vietcombank) asking for permits to establish its representative office in New York, according to the leaders of Vietcombank.

Measures urged to improve quality of Vietnamese coffee

As the world's leading producer of coffee, it is important to promote branding, value-added increases and global value chain participation for Vietnamese coffee, experts have suggested.