(HBO) – Boasting 80km in length, the hydropower reservoir in Da river has a surface area of 8,892 ha with various stretches from the hydropower plant in Hoa Binh city to Suoi Nanh commune (Da Bac district), and borders Phu Yen commune of Son La province. According to the Hoa Binh Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the reservoir is home to 94 species of fish belonging to 71 breeds, 21 families of eight orders. Of the figure, 88 are indigenous and six alien. It is noteworthy that 12 species listed in the 2007 Red Data Book of Vietnam also dwell here.

Reference exchange rate goes up 10 VND on December 27

The State Bank of Vietnam set the daily reference exchange rate at 22,805 VND/USD on the morning of December 27, up by 10 VND from December 26.

Sugarcane area planning helps boost sustainable purple sugarcane development

HBO – Sugarcane has brought about a high economic value and had a stable consumer market compared with other crops. Sugarcane has become a key crop in the local cultivation industry, contributing 17 – 18 percent of Hoa Binh province's agricultural production value.

Cage fish farming – a good choice for sustainable poverty reduction in Vay Nua commune

(HBO) - Five out of 10 hamlets of Vay Nua commune in Dan Bac district areas are located beside the Hoa Binh lake. Based on this natural advantage, local people select cage fish farming as a sustainable poverty reduction model, thus gradually increasing income, raising the living conditions and promoting the locality’s socio-economic development.

Hanoi continues to be most attractive FDI destination

 Hanoi continues to lead the country in drawing foreign direct investment (FDI) with more than 7.5 billion USD poured into the capital since the beginning of 2018, a 2.18-fold increase against the previous year.

Hoa Binh rakes in over 616 million USD in export revenue

(HBO) – Hoa Binh’s export turnover has seen significant growth this year thanks to the province’s efforts to explore new foreign markets and maintain a strong foothold in traditional ones.

The successful young man with garment processing model

(HBO) - Due to his hard work to learn and explore, Mr. Dinh Thanh Han in Dong Mai village, Yen Tri commune (Yen Thuy) has succeeded in the model of a garment factory to process clothes. Thereby, it can increase the family income, creating stable jobs for many local workers.

Hoa Binh protects citrus fruits’ brand

(HBO) – A citrus fruit festival and agricultural fair took place in mid-December in the northern province of Hoa Binh as part of the activities to promote local citrus fruits.

Best Vietnamese firms honoured with Gold Star Award

The 200 best businesses in the country were presented with the Vietnam Gold Star Award 2018 at a ceremony held in Hanoi on December 23 in the presence of Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue.

Nghi Son oil refinery-petrochemical plant begins commercial operation

The Nghi Son oil refinery and petrochemical plant in the north central province of Thanh Hoa officially began its commercial operation on December 23.

The Provincial Post Office implement the plans of trade and production in 2019

(HBO) – The Provincial Post Office held a conference to deploy production and trade plans in 2019.

Orange cultivation, sale support project proves effective

(HBO) – This year, the market price for Cao Phong orange ranges from 17,000 VND to 22,000 VND per kilo. Meanwhile, with the price of 20,000 VND per kilo, Ha Phong Cooperative’s supply of 2.5 tonnes per day to the Big C supermarket system is making many orange farm owners jealous.

Tea plants have contributed to improving the living conditions of Tan Thanh people.

(HBO) - Along with the expansion of citrus fruit area, tea plant is still recognized by the people of Tan Thanh Commune (Luong Son) as a key crop, contributing to the stability of their lives. At present, the whole commune maintains a total area of 55 hectares of tea plants, of which fresh tea leaves are 50.5 hectares, the area of old tea leaves is 4.5 hectares. The area of tea plants is mainly concentrated in My Tan and Tan Thanh villages.

Work starts on major power transmission line from Vung Ang to Pleiku

The national power utility EVN has started work on three projects to create a 500kV power transmission line between Vung Ang in Ha Tinh province and Pleiku in Gia Lai province.

Hoa Binh Citrus Festival and Agricultural Fair 2018 wrap up

HBO – The People’s Committee of Hoa Binh province has held a ceremony to wrap up the Hoa Binh Citrus Festival and Agricultural Fair 2018 at Cao Phong district’s cultural house in Cao Phong township.

Hung Tien commune has improved the income for the local people

(HBO) - In order to encourage local people to continue to invest in expanding the plantation area and increasing yield, productivity and quality of lemongrass, since 2017, Hung Tien commune (Kim Boi district) has collaborated with the district Forestry and Agricultural Encouragement Station to train the local people about technology; supporting fertilizer, helping to improve the quality of roots and leaves of lemongrass. At present, many households in the area have expanded the lemongrass plantation area to nearly 1 hectare, such as the households of Ms. Bui Thi Hang, Mr. Nguyen Van Manh, Ms. Bach Thi Giup, etc. to bring the stable income of over 50 million VND / hectare/ lemongrass / year.

The women in Hanh Phuc village do their startup with Gai cakes

(HBO) – Gai cakes in Hop Thinh commune (Ky Son) are famous for the traditional flavor and excellent quality. In order to raise the traditional range of local products, to bring aromatic and sweet flavor of spices to all regions, as well as to raise the income, eliminate hunger and reduce poverty, the Cooperative group of Gai Cake Production in Hanh Phuc village was established with female members who are passionate about making cakes.

Tan Lac district enters grapefruit harvest season

(HBO) - In December, Tan Lac district began harvesting grapefruits - the most well-known local specialty.

Hoa Binh expands VietGAP vegetable production and consumption model

(HBO) - In recent years, mountainous communes of Mai Chau district have actively expanded vegetable cultivation areas. Approximately 80 percent of vegetable output of the district is provided for Hanoi, Hung Yen, Hai Duong, Quang Ninh, and Hai Phong.

The startup story of the trade sector "female leader"

(HBO) – She - Ms. Pham Thi Nhuan, the Director of Dinh Nhuan Trading joint Stock Company (Group 5, Le Thanh Tong Street, Tan Thinh Ward, Hoa Binh City) – accepts that once doing business means "hearted labor, suffered issues". With the bravery of the woman who has gained her own experience through working, being responsible for the lives of nearly 200 labors, she brought her intellectual and spiritual thoughts to manage and execute the business company to develop and become the leading commercial and service enterprise of the province.

Building the collective guava brand in Yen Mong

(HBO) In recent years, Yen Mong guava (Hoa Binh city) is famous for its delicious quality, crispy, sweet, natural ripping and not using stimulants. The area of guava cultivation in the commune is more than 5 ha with 5 households, concentrated in Bac Yen, Moi Mit and Bun helmets. Taiwanese Pear-Guava trees have been grown there. Le Thi Hue's household in Bac Yen village has planted the most with an area of over 3 ha.

Lac Son District: Promoting the brand for the agricultural products

(HBO) Having collective trademark certification for Lac Son Doi seeds since 2015, Lac Son district is completing the procedures and conditions for two years (2018 - 2019) to have two specialties, Lac Son chicken and citrus fruits certified.

Sao Bay commune dynamic in crop restructuring

(HBO) – Sao Bay commune (Kim Boi district) of Hoa Binh province has been widely known for local farmers’ dynamism in crop restructuring. Coming to the commune any time of the year, visitors could see the green colour of various vegetables and food crops. The commune’s proactive switch to plants generating high economic income has improved the livelihood of local people towards sustainable poverty reduction.

Bac Son commune has brought Dien pomelo trees to become main crops.

(HBO) With more than 100 original pomelo trees, the family of Mr. Bui Van Nong, the Vice Chairman of Bac Son’s (Kim Boi) Farmers’ Association collected 20 million the first harvest. Last year, the second year, his family earned 80 million. In 2018, the pomelo garden brought the family the income of 110 million VND. Mr. Nong's family is one of many households in the commune having income of 100 million VND per year thanks to Dien pomelo trees.

Good management in planning and producing, improving the quality of grapefruit products.

(HBO) - Up to now, Tan Lac district has 1,046.8 hectares, increasing 187.5%, exceeding 488.4 hectares in comparison with 2015. Of which, 55 hectares are newly planted, the planted area of from 1 to 3 years is 596.8 hectares, the area for harvesting is 395 hectares.