(HBO) – That is Mr. Pham Khac Thuong, in Tu Ne commune (Tan Lac). 5 years ago, when he strongly brought the red grapefruit to plant on the hill, many gardeners showed their doubtful concerns about that.

Keep the brand of Cao Phong oranges

(HBO) – In 2017, Cao Phong oranges were in good season and continued to take firm steps, affirming the brand in the market. Cao Phong is exploiting effectively its natural advantages of soil, climate, scientific and technical resources and labors. The people here produce oranges according to the safety standards, develop an orange-trading area and bring a better life.

Vietnam files complaint to WTO about US anti-dumping duties on fish

Vietnam has filed a complaint to the WTO over US anti-dumping measures on Vietnamese fish exports, the Ministry of Industry and Trade announced on January 14.

Dong Lai grapefruits yield bumper crops

(HBO) – These days, traders have been coming to grapefruit gardens in Dong Lai commune, Tan Lac district, Hoa Binh province. This year, local farmers have harvested a bumper crop with stable prices.

Vietnam Airlines earns record US$123 million pre-tax profit

The national carrier Vietnam Airlines reaped a record high pre-tax profit of over VND2.8 trillion (US$123.2 million) in 2017, beating its annual target by 72% and jumping 8.3% from the previous year, the airline reported on January 10.

A Muong man builds a bridge for the goats to cross the mountain

(HBO) – This 33 years old farmer was born, grew up and associated with the forest, the valleys and knew clearly every path, cliff and plant here. We are mentioning about Mr. Bui Van Phuong in Sang village of Cao Ram commune, Luong Son district, who made a decision to start up by raising goats. Thanks to his dare to think and do, he got his own success.

Cao Phong District expects to get the total quantity of more than 33,000 tons of oranges.

(HBO) – In the year of 2017 -2018, Cao Phong oranges continued to be increased in the areas and quantity. According to the statistics of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, up to now, in the whole district, there have been 2,835 hectares of citrus plants, mainly oranges, including 1,234 hectares in the business period, the total quantity of the whole harvest is estimated more than 33,000 tons. The areas of planting oranges following Vietgap standards in the district have been increased with 207 households applying the procedure. The total areas reach 305,89 hectares.

Industry – Key driving force for economic development

(HBO) – Hoa Binh province has invested much in industrial parks and clusters in recent years to attract more domestic and foreign investment. It is an important orientation in the province’s economic development strategy. Thanks to such effort, its industrial production reached more than 27.5 trillion VND (1.21 billion USD) last year, up 17.22 percent from the same period last year and 2.5 percent higher than the yearly target.

Yen Mong commune’s farmers strive to get rich

(HBO) – We visited the citrus orchard of Le Thi Thanh Tra’s family in Truong Yen village, Yen Mong commune, Hoa Binh city – one of outstanding economic models in the commune. Her orchard has about 120 grapefruit trees of different kinds, all of which are 13-14 years old. At this time, her grapefruit orchard is ripening, with all trees laden with fruits.

Hoa Binh city: industrial production value estimated to exceed 3 trillion VND

(HBO) – In 2017, Hoa Binh city paid attention to developing industries which had advantages in materials and market. It also created optimal conditions to draw more investment in the locality, especially in industrial parks on the left bank of Da River.

A startup business of selling clean food products

(HBO) – Working at the Provincial Farmer’s Association, the job seemed to keep on smoothly; Mr. Tran Van Tuong suddenly changed his job into another field: He himself ran his own business by opening a clean food store.

Hoa Binh moves to facilitate businesses’ access to land

(HBO) – Hoa Binh province is working to facilitate businesses’ access to land that is one of the 10 sub-indexes to measure the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) – the rankings on which Hoa Binh fell six places from 2015 to the 52nd position among the country’s 63 provinces and cities in 2016.

Success from risk, patience with orange trees

"If I did not take a risk and patiently stick with my orange trees, my family would surely still be struggling to make ends meet”, Mr Tran Van Nghi, a farmer in Thanh Ha town (Lac Thuy district), said as he was pointing to his orange garden. After 10 years of facing troubles and failures, the orange garden has brought his family billions of VND in income each year.

Cao Phong orange brand preserved

(HBO) – There was a bumper harvest of Cao Phong oranges this year and great strides have been made to affirm the product’s brand in the market. Cao Phong district has taken advantage of land, climate, scientific-technological advances and labours to grow oranges under safety standards and expanded orange plantation areas, thus building prosperous lives for local farmers.

Hoa Binh takes advantage of reservoir for aquaculture development

(HBO) – Hoa Binh is one of few provinces that having adopted a resolution on fish farming. After three years of implementation, the provincial Party Committee’s Resolution 12-NQ/TU has been proven effective.

My Hoa commune – revitalizing land of orange

(HBO) – Over the past five years, My Hoa commune of Kim Boi district, Hoa Binh province stepped up economic structure transfer, focusing on citrus trees which are now growing rapidly, initially bringing positive outcomes and raising hope for a better life of locals.

Lac Son witnesses changes in agricultural, rural development

(HBO) – After 10 years of implementing the 10th Party Central Committee’s Resolution No. 26 NQ/TW on agriculture, farmers and rural development, the Party Committee, People’s Committee, divisions, sectors and organizations of Lac Son district has recorded progress in all aspects, while living conditions of local people have been improved significantly.

Farming models flourish in Phu Thanh commune

(HBO) – In recent years, integrated farming models have been formed and developed strongly in Phu Thanh commune, Lac Thuy district, northern mountainous Hoa Binh province. Local farmers have promoted available advantages to scale up agricultural production, increase productivity and improve competitiveness of their products in the market.

“To success, failure is unavoidable”

(HBO) – That is an impressive share by Bui Van Hue, in Dang 1 village, Chi Thien commune (Lac Son) at the Hoa Binh Youth Conference of creation – Startup which was held by the provincial Party Union in March, 2017. Hue is also known as a person with much failure experience but has just found out a direction to develop economy effectively and becomes a millionaire at the age of 26.

A 9X becomes rich by transplanting “Doi” trees

(HBO) – Although he is still young, with a high spirit of study and the compassion, Bui Van Manh in Be Duoi village of Chi Dao commune (Lac Son) has succeeded in the model of transplanting "Doi” trees. Transplanted "Doi” trees supplied for the market have gained a large income for his family.

Firms in industrial parks make outstanding performances in 2017

(HBO) – The Industrial Parks Management Board (IPMB) of the northern mountainous province of Hoa Binh said 2017 witnessed the stable development of businesses in IPs. Many of them are expected to surpass their set targets in terms of turnover, export value, job generation, law enforcement and contributions to transforming the local economy.

New opportunities for Tan Lac red-flesh grapefruit

(HBO) – In late November, Muong Bi commune in Tan Lac district, Hoa Binh province, yielded a bumper grapefruit crop with stable prices. The happiness doubled when the Tan Lac red-flesh grapefruit was recognised as a collective mark. This has opened up huge opportunities to promote local products and made significant contributions to shifting crop structure in combination with new-style rural area building.  

Hoa Binh province approves 76 investment projects

(HBO) – Since the beginning of this year, Hoa Binh province’s authorities have approved 76 investment projects which register to use over 1,300 hectares of land. Those include five foreign direct investment (FDI) projects, with a combined registered capital of 34 million USD and 71 domestic projects with a total combined capital of 4,985 billion VND (219.6 million USD).

Lac Thuy district develops value chain production

HBO – Agriculture production toward value chain is one of the breakthroughs in restructuring the agriculture sector today.

Vietnam’s seafood sector looks to long-term growth

Vietnam’s seafood exports have seen rapid growth over the past 11 months and this year’s total revenue is expected to reach an all-time high, but more efforts are needed to ensure this growth is sustainable.