(HBO) – Five investment projects in Hoa Binh province have received approval from the start of the year, with a combined registered capital of 2.96 trillion VND (127.46 million USD).

Hoa Binh’s retail sales slide 12.4 percent in February

(HBO) - According to the Hoa Binh Provincial People’s Committee, the province did not experience hike in prices of essential goods in February despite of the new coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19).

Public investment disbursement exceeds 270 billion VND

(HBO) – Statistics show that as of February 20, public investment disbursement in Hoa Binh province had reached 270.19 billion VND, fulfilling 6 percent of the target.

Positive signs in State budget collection in January-February

(HBO) - According to the provincial Department of Taxation, the State budget collection in the first two months was estimated at 420 billion VND, reaching 10 percent of the estimate assigned by the government and 9 percent of the target set in the provincial People’s Council’s resolution, and equal to 96 percent of the collection in the same period last year.

Hoa Binh boosts payments for public services via banks

(HBO) – The State Bank of Vietnam (SBV)’s branch in Hoa Binh province has issued a plan to promote payments for public services via banks.

Preferential credit helps with sustainable poverty reduction in Da Bac

(HBO) – Over the past years, preferential loans provided by the Vietnam Bank for Social Policies (VBSP) have assisted farmers in Da Bac district in household economic development, thus helping to create jobs, raise income and improve living standards of rural residents.

2,000 ha of plants receive food safety certification

(HBO) – Up to 2,000 ha of plants in the northwestern province of Hoa Binh have been recognised as meeting food safety and VietGAP standards and certified as organic farm produce, mainly vegetables and citrus trees.

Hoa Binh strives for concerted infrastructure development

(HBO) - Hoa Binh province views investment capital as the key to completing local socio-economic infrastructure. Therefore, aside from effectively using the capital sourced from the state budget, it has mobilised funding from businesses, people, as well as domestic and foreign organisations.

Vietnam acts quick to secure economic growth amid epidemic

The complicated and unpredictable developments of the respiratory disease caused by the new coronavirus, known as Covid-19, are presenting numerous challenges to the realisation of Vietnam’s socio-economic targets in 2020, given its far-reaching impacts on all aspects.

Hoa Binh prioritise investment in local economic development

(HBO) – The State Bank of Vietnam’s branch in Hoa Binh has mapped out orientations to direct banks and credit organisations in the northern province to implement key tasks in the field, thus realising the sector’s main monetary targets and contributing to local stability and economic growth.

Tissue culture sugarcane proves economic efficiency

(HBO) – Since 2016, tissue culture sugarcane has been put into production in Hoa Binh province to gradually replace the local purple sugarcane variety which has been degraded through many years of cultivation. This model is part of a project replacing the purple sugarcane variety with tissue culture sugarcane implemented by the local centre for application of scientific-technological advances.

Hoa Binh hydropower plant targets 8.26 billion kWh of electricity in 2020

(HBO) – Last year, the Hoa Binh hydropower plant produced nearly 8.35 billion kWh of electricity, up just 0.2 percent compared to the adjusted plan and equivalent to 87.53 percent of the initial plan due to drought and low water flow iton the Hoa Binh reservoir

January export turnover estimated at over 65.7 million USD

(HBO) - According to a socio-economic development report by the Hoa Binh provincial People's Committee, the province earned over 65.7 million USD from export in January, up 5.56 percent from December 2019 and 21.21 percent annually. Of the figure, more than 62 million USD was goods export, up 5.89 percent month-on-month and 22.06 percent year-on-year. Services export was estimated at 3.63 million USD, up 0.14 percent monthly and 8.36 percent annually.

Most businesses resume normal operations after Tet

(HBO) – Many workers have returned to local industrial parks in the northern province of Hoa Binh after enjoying a week-long Lunar New Year (Tet) holiday, making contributions to helping their companies realise the set production and business targets for the whole year 2020.

Hoa Binh’s exports grow 24.48 percent in 2019

(HBO) – The northern mountainous province of Hoa Binh exported 791.9 million USD worth of goods and services in 2019, an increase of 24.48 percent from a year earlier, fulfilling the province’s yearly target.

Provincial officials visit businesses at Luong Son Industrial Park

(HBO) – A delegation of the People’s Committee of Hoa Binh province on February 4 visited some businesses at the Luong Son Industrial Park in Luong Son district on the occasion of the Lunar New Year festival.

Luong Son accomplishes new-style rural building goals

(HBO) - Officials and people of Luong Son district, Hoa Binh province, were happy with their district’s accomplishment of the "dual goals” on new-style rural building and urban development. In 2019, the Hoa Binh provincial appraisal council assessed that Luong Son met all new-style rural building criteria and submitted related paperwork for the recognition.

Promoting brand of Cao Phong oranges

(HBO) - Muong Thang - Cao Phong has entered the early stage of the spring full of vitality. As the Lunar New Year (Tet) comes, oranges become ripe on hills. It is hard to find any street with kilometer-long lines of orange trees like Cao Phong town. Behind orange stalls along the National Highway 6 is a vast area of orange orchards. It is not wrong to state that Cao Phong is the capital of oranges in the north.

Cooperative develops Huong Nhuong hill chicken brand

(HBO) – Last year, hill chicken farmed by Huong Nhuong Cooperative was among Lac Son district’s three products recognised in the One Commune One Product (OCOP) programme. The cooperative’s fresh whole chicken product was awarded three-star OCOP by Hoa Binh province.

Hoa Binh speeds up transport projects ahead of provincial Party Congress

(HBO) – The implementation of major transport projects in Hoa Binh is being sped up, which is expected to help the locality optimise its potential, attract more investment and promote economic structure transformation.

Hoa Binh seeks to tap choosy markets

(HBO) – A week introducing Hoa Binh’s food and agricultural products was held at five Co.opmart supermarkets in Hanoi in mid-December 2019, attracting over 8,000 visitors. The products were offered by local cooperatives and businesses that signed cooperation agreements to supply goods for Saigon Co.op.

Hoa Binh eyes industrial production value of 43 trillion VND in 2020

(HBO) – The Department of Industry and Trade of the north-western province of Hoa Binh recently held a conference to review work in 2019 and launch this year’s tasks.

More efforts to improve business, investment environment

(HBO) - The People’s Committee of Hoa Binh province issued Decision No. 02 on January 2, 2019 to implement Resolution No.02 issued by the Government on January 1, 2019 on strengthening measures to improve the business and investment environment and increase the national competitiveness in 2029 with a vision to 2021.

Sweet fruit season in Nam Son

(HBO) – The road to Nam Son commune (now Van Son commune – Tan Lac district) in the last days of the year was full of trucks carrying tangerines. Some garden owners said they reaped a bumper harvest this year with good prices.

Hoa Binh: Industrial production value hits 37.4 trillion VND

(HBO) – Production and business activities in Hoa Binh province recorded good growth in 2019, according to the provincial Department of Industry and Trade. Industrial and handicraft firms maintained effective operation, while the industry and service sectors accounted for a higher percentage of the province’s gross regional product. Key products of Hoa Binh posted increases compared to the same period last year and surpassed the year’s plan.